Michael J. Fox on Parkinson’s, and maintaining optimism

Michael J. Fox on Parkinson’s, and maintaining optimism

One of the most famous actors to burst onto the scene in the 1980s, Michael J. Fox has become almost as famous for his very public fight against Parkinson’s disease. With “Sunday Morning” anchor Jane Pauley, the “Family Ties” and “Back to the Future” star looks back on superstardom, raising $1.5 billion for Parkinson’s research, and a new documentary tracing his life, called “Still.”
@michaeljfoxfoundation #parkinsonsdisease

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31 Responses

  1. Marc von Borstel says:

    “With gratitude, optimism is sustainable” he says.
    What a gift he has given us. Be grateful for what you have while you have it.

    • Boycott says:

      @Freddy Jisp Tell me, when did you get so mean?

    • Cindy Miller says:

      Our unmarried son was diagnosed at 33. He just turned 41 and 2/14 he had DBS surgery. As his mother there can never be enough prayers. The initial Programming was 3/29. A noticeable improvement has happened! With more “tweeking” to come.

    • jeremy katevas says:

      I have epilepsy on both sides of my brain. As the years have past it’s gotten harder to control my emotions, my ability to say what i want how i want and my memory. Even with all the problems and medication i have and take, it’s a cake walk compaired to his troubles and watching him move uncontrollably gives me so much strength. If he can fight something so powerful and never give up then i can fight my enemy as well

    • Carlos Gil says:

      ​@Cindy Bogart was? Like in the past tense he’s still alive

  2. Stop_wr says:

    Майкл храбрый, стойкий, потрясающий, необыкновенный, крутой актер и ЧЕЛОВЕК! Назад в будущее это наша киношная настольная книга, пересматриваем всей семьёй постоянно, это бестселлер, алмаз! Майкл, ты боец!

  3. pat cavasin says:

    You have to love Michael J. Fox….it’s heartbreaking to know that he is suffering from this horrible disease, but he has given so much to so many over the years. He has a beautiful family that love and support him. God bless you, Michael.

    • Boycott says:

      That family and support are the reason he has been able to do so much. Without that, he would be in much worse shape, and there would be no foundation. That is the real problem in the US. If you don’t have support (and so many don’t) you are just out of luck and left to rot.

  4. TheFinalRevelation says:

    Heart wrenching. Feel so sad after watching this. We used to look up to him as an icon – our idol when we were kids. So many years of hanging on. Remarkable human being. My God give him strength. We all pray for him.

    • indiony1 says:

      I think there’s even more reason to look up to him now.

    • TheFinalRevelation says:

      @Rachel B Absolutely

    • Rachel B says:

      He is still an icon and someone who should still be looked up to because instead of wallowing in self pity he raised money for serious research and advancements in Parkinson’s treatment and origins.

    • Maine Coon says:

      We ALL still look up to Michael Fox!!! Look at his dignity!!!!!

    • anfeild8 says:

      I hope this thing I saw on a British patient testing this disc that stops the movement and improved his health is approved by the health services

  5. Lynda Capocefalo says:

    My mother had early onset of Parkinson’s disease. She develops symptoms when she was 40. It was terrible to watch. It’s a terrible disease. And he has handled it with grace. And brought a lot of attention to the disease, and raise money.

  6. Pat_in_VA says:

    I love hearing from Mr. Fox. Yes, it can be difficult to see him, but he is still Michael J. Fox. I am grateful that he is sharing this journey with us from time to time, it is always good to have perspective.

    • DonDDonDon says:

      Yes I love hearing from him and yes we can see the toll this disease is taking on him, but he is here, he’s loved and he’s aware. 🙌🏽🥰

    • J M says:

      He’s a very special person. I cried because it was sad, but I also cried because of the remarkable attitude and bravery. He still has gratitude for the life he has been given. You don’t often see that level of grace. It’s hard seeing his steady decline. But I’m glad he’s still putting himself out there.

  7. A. Reeves says:

    I started my first PD symptoms at 29, diagnosed at 35, 38 now. I feel hope and fear with each interview I see with him. Hope that I can live another 25-30 years with this, and fear with how bad this is going to get. My hope is that the treatments get better. We had a piece of legislation floating around to seriously fund PD studies and care, and it just sat in the House and never went anywhere. People don’t really care as much as they claim sometimes, politicians in particular.

    • Boycott says:

      @Ani Bell Yes, but you can do a lot with no money at all. One huge problem is that so many disabled people are alone and have no support (even just a friendly ear). If every healthy person found one disabled and/or elderly person to give a little time to, they would be much better off.

    • Boycott says:

      Yeah, I know how you feel. I have Essential Tremor, and there is nothing new because all the funding goes to PD research. It shows how important someone like Michael is. There has been a LOT more done directly due to him. Unfortunately politicians are the last people to help.

    • Cortney Holt says:

      Jesus is real, we will be with him sooner than we realize!

    • Bia Bia says:

      I am so sorry for this and I wish you all the best. On a good note, my father was diagnosed about 2 years, at age 76, and he has been fighting the disease brilliantly. Science and medicine have progressed much and I think that now it’s easier to slower this horrible disease.

  8. Tim Enloe says:

    This man is a hero in so many ways. Many today complain about things that are easily controllable. Here, he has been given a horrible disease, yet he continues to live and love life. We can all take a note. Much respect, sir.

    • Sherry Bless Garies says:

      @Boycott you’re right

    • Boycott says:

      He also has a very robust support system, and money. That makes a HUGE difference in how well you handle things. He would say something completely different if he was alone and poor. The people I respect are the ones who voluntarily notice and also help the ones who aren’t as fortunate at Michael.

    • Sherry Bless Garies says:

      Hi 🎉

  9. T. Newsh says:

    He is a beautiful soul. I am more impressed with him than with anyone in the public eye. He has endured so much and still shows incredible class.

  10. Angela Holmes says:

    Michael is truly a remarkable man

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