Michael Jordan texted Stephen A. that Magic Johnson is the PG over Steph Curry 👀 | First Take

Michael Jordan texted Stephen A. that Magic Johnson is the PG over Steph Curry 👀 | First Take

Michael Jordan texted Stephen A. that Magic Johnson is the PG over Steph Curry 👀 | First Take
Stephen A. Smith and Chris “Mad Dog” Russo debate whether Stephen Curry or Magic Johnson is the best point guard of all time.
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48 Responses

  1. Carson Claws says:

    Magic won finals mvp in his rookie season. Nobody has ever done that EVER

  2. Plemonoo says:

    Stephen A is beyond famous. Anytime Jordan reach out to him you know he’s on another level than anybody

  3. Nothemba Jozi says:

    There’s a video where Kobe Bryant is asked to name his top 5 of all time. He didn’t name himself and when he was asked where he stood he literally said “No I’m nowhere near that stuff”. Before he even reached 40 years he had found the balance between self confidence and humility.

    • A Beautiful Mind says:

      And then there are fools out here calling themselves the GOAT and King.

    • Rohail Iqbal says:

      Ok but this isnt about him though is it…

    • D says:

      @A Beautiful Mind 🤦‍♂️ rent free

    • Jerry Pinckney says:

      That what my comment was a out when I first heard Curry refer to himself as the GOAT PG…..Especially when you are still in rhe game…….To me, that is just sooooooo HEADY and such a turn off, Look it up………….” Stephen A agrees with Stephen Curry that he’s the Greatest PG of all time
      …..look it up

    • Mr. TrueCaller says:

      Facts 💯, was miles ahead of these 30+ guys that act like teens .

  4. Brandon Crockett says:

    As a Steph fan, I really appreciated MJ’s approach. Made his case for Magic without dogging out Steph—paid respect to both guys while making his point clear. I personally have Magic at 1A and Steph at 1B all-time at the PG position, but I won’t knock Steph’s confidence, and I believe that he’s using all of this as motivation for ring #5 💪🏾

    • Carlton Lewis says:

      Facts now if curry gets a FIFITH !!! It’s over I don’t wanna hear NUN

    • Der Herro says:

      @Carlton Lewislmao you wish

    • Melvin HHCP says:

      @Carlton Lewis If Steph gets his 5th & somehow averages double digit assists for the rest of his career, then MAYBE. No guarantees.

    • J Sim says:

      Curry is not really a pg he is more of sg …. The offense runs thru green not curry …. Curry is the greatest shooter but is a defensive liability where magic was a pure pg and could guard any of the 5 positions

    • Skip Brainless says:

      @J SimMagic was not good defensively despite his size you’re smoking crack

  5. Richard Song says:

    I love how MJ’s voice still holds so much weight till this date.

    • DNICE41 says:

      MJ knows that when you talk less/very little people will pay more attention at times when you decide to.

    • Chick Hearn4ever says:

      @DNICE41 Unlike some people we know who can’t even keep their mouth shut or their twitter fingers on pause

    • Alfredo Oliva says:

      why wouldnt it. MJ is the defacto GOAT. Its like Shakespear or Albert Einstein commenting in on something

    • PolandSOul x says:

      He really don’t tho . He only says that because it comes back to Lebron James . Calling curry the best pg of all time will make Lebron look good

  6. Aleksandar Hadjov says:

    Everybody stops when MJ’s saying something..thanks MJ🐐

    • Alfredo Oliva says:

      now all we need is MJ to chime in on the GOAT player of all time to end this foolishness

    • Jordan Jenkins says:

      People listen more to the person who opens his mouth less.

    • Big 3 says:

      @Alfredo OlivaJordan will never. He’s explained already that he thinks the whole GOAT debate is cringe because there’s different eras and all the all time greats haven’t all played with each other.

    • The Urban Gardener says:

      ⁠@Alfredo Olivahe did. The commercial where he has the rings on his fingers and he breaks down what they meant to him. He said he was the goat without saying it, remember?

    • PolandSOul x says:

      @Big 3yea to bad he told OJ mayo he was the goat

  7. FN2187 says:

    Imagine if Bron said Curry the best PG. ESPN would cover this topic until the end of the year 😂

  8. John Smith says:

    dang. Imagine being able to say you have Mike’s phone number. lol.
    That’s all Stephen A really wanted us to know.

  9. Shane P says:

    Dang would love for MJ to talk a little bit more on these types of talks.

  10. Drizze Johnson says:

    I can’t front, hearing him read texts from the Goat himself gave me the chills! Y’all better hope now that MJ done sold his majority he don’t come down to these talk shows to put dudes in check

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