Michael Moore: Democrats Aren’t Running The Right People | Morning Joe | MSNBC

Michael Moore: Democrats Aren’t Running The Right People | Morning Joe | MSNBC

Michael Moore discusses why he admires Republicans and their work ethic, why he says Democrats don’t have the right people running in 2018 and his new one-man Broadway show.
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Michael Moore: Democrats Aren’t Running The Right People | Morning Joe | MSNBC

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20 Responses

  1. Mike says:

    Lol that hat doesn’t fit on his huge melon.

  2. Oba*** Man says:

    Bernie Sanders would’ve defeated the orange chimp, the DNC choose Hillary Clinton

  3. Blue Max says:

    These people really do live in a bubble.

  4. ORI says:


  5. Daniel Bazalar says:

    I agree with him about the Democrats. The Right People can make a Huge Difference in a positive way.

  6. Deano Dotson says:

    The Dems don’t have the Koch brothers financing.

  7. Anthony Pirtle says:

    Trump still has a base of support by virtue of there being plenty of morons, bigots, and bigoted morons in America. Moore is correct in saying Dems are wasting their time chasing these people. The ten or so percent of the participants in the 2016 election who aren’t part of Trump’s deplorable base of support yet voted for him out of desperation or disgust are the ones that can still be salvaged, and they won’t be salvaged with, “better messaging.” They will only be won back with better candidates pushing a better platform.

  8. Noparty 51 says:

    Trump need mental help…

  9. Phil says:

    You can clean house in 2018 on medicare for all. That is all you need.

  10. Hector G. says:

    It does not matter who runs if you’re just going to crack when republicans lift a finger. Democrats need to play by the same rules and pass legislation on their own.

  11. Moe Knight says:

    I wish ppl would stop saying dems don’t have the right ppl. It doesn’t matter. Bernie wouldn’t have won either. Everything they said about Clinton, Trump had something worse and noone cared. 2016 election was a 1 issue vote for Trump ppl. We’ve seen it all on the television since Trump took office. How many Trump voters didn’t realize that Obamacare and the ACA were the same thing. They voted against their own issue bring uninformed. What about the coal ppl. Hillary Clinton told them the absolute truth. Coal jobs aren’t coming back, u need job training programs and federal assistance to rebuild your economy. That’s the truth. But they voted Trump because he promised to bring coal jobs back. Which everyone who doesn’t live in Kentucky or West Virginia knew that wasn’t possible. There are just too many examples. Muslims voted for him thinking he was talking about the other Muslims. No he meant u too. Ppl with immigrant Mexican family members voted for him thinking he was talking about the bad ones, no he meant you too. Until ppl start to lose stuff or the threat of it being taking away, then they’ll change their votes.

  12. Howhaveyouben says:

    You can’t win wisconsin or michigan when it’s gerrymandered… and you can’t win when the system disenfranchises most americans who live in CA, NY, and TX and gives way too much power to the less than 5 million people in MT, WY, the dakotas and alaska… we need to make the rules fair or embrace “states rights” and let the red states go bankrupt that leach off the government while constantly complaining about it…

  13. cqtaylor says:

    Democrats need to focus on state & local government, not apologize for being Progressive, and fight for their constituents, not corporate money. That’s a good strategy to apply.

  14. mayank parashar says:

    It’s funny how he wore a BBC NEWS cap on a show on MSNBC 😀

  15. Nicholas Adams says:

    Michael Moore is the final evolution of Snorlax!

  16. James Reed says:

    Michael Moore is just a hack

  17. The Undertaker says:

    I swear to god I thought it was Gabe Newell . I thought half life 3 was out or somethin …

  18. Gin says:

    This is what Progressives have BEEN SAYING ALL ALONG

  19. gvimhoof says:

    How did gerrymandering not come up? 7/8 elections and you’re not in power??? GERRYMANDERING.

  20. DJStevieJay says:

    How did they get Gabe Newell on NBC?

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