Michael Phelps arrives back on US soil. Rio 2016

Michael Phelps arrives back on US soil. Rio 2016

Michael Phelps arrives home from Rio and is ambushed by local Arizona news. He puts them in their place.

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20 Responses

  1. Brett Hinck says:

    Wat a twat

  2. Nick Johnson says:

    Everyone’s commenting about how the reporters can suck dicks while I’m here
    wondering why the fuck is this breaking news.

  3. lorna shoeswomen says:

    He doesn’t want to talk because the media dished up the dirt on him his
    handsome though

  4. redspin2ify says:

    Fucking hell this can’t be a real news channel, I’m from the UK so this
    seems just outright disrespectful to me but surely it isn’t normal? Phelps
    just had a major tournament with coverage across the globe and probably
    just wanted time alone loool

  5. BronerBeast says:

    That testosterone is going crazy in his body

  6. Kirk Johns says:

    Yeah he had a long flight, he wanted to go home. But he can’t fake nice for
    2 minutes? and not act like a stuck up little bitch? Naw, I lost some
    respect for Phelps. It makes you get a taste of what he’s really like off

  7. sjwalt2006 says:

    Oooh the irony!

  8. Nigel Wankstrong says:

    Everyone saying he wants a break from the public eye and that he’s grumpy
    because he’s just got off a 12 hour flight is talking shit. The whole
    situation with the US swimming team means many of them won’t be able to
    leave. Phelps is the team’s prized possession. If Brazilian authorities get
    any idea that Phelps was in any way involved in what happened, he too will
    be held. Any Olympian (especially one at his last Olympics) would be
    desperate to stay as long as possible, at least until the closing ceremony,
    but the swim team will have told him that he MUST return home. Not
    surprised he’s pissed, and I agree, a long flight with a baby doesn’t help,
    though I doubt he’d be shoved in economy seating.

  9. Abdiqani Sheekh says:

    I’m not American but I am honoured to live in the same erase as Phelps
    himself,he is an absolute legend,the greatest Olympic swimmer in the world.

  10. Ice Bear says:

    Ice Bear don’t think it’s important at all

  11. fat cabbage says:

    There’s certain times when you should expect to be hogged by the papers and
    this was one of them moments.

  12. BestTop10 says:

    I love it how hes saying “some people would say thats not very nice” to
    make people think its not very nice, FUCKING JOURNALISTS.

  13. splashparis says:

    When the presenter said “well, some people might say they wasn’t nice”, I
    assumed he was talking bout about his own station, not Phelps.

  14. Frank N. Stein says:

    Well, I wouldn’t want to talk to the media either when half of my team just
    got caught lying about the robbery incident and embarassing my entire

  15. Youtubeaccount177 says:

    Why is everyone getting so angry? He asked them to leave him and they
    did…. nothing interesting here morons.

  16. SupremacyGaming says:

    He obviously puts his family and blunts first before fame, great man

  17. MarijuanaCanada says:

    What a fucking tool. When you make your living off a children’s sport,
    tending to your fans is your real job. They make you your money.

  18. rumvodkaf1 says:

    Usain would have answered their questions with a smile.

  19. Shan Ber says:

    Probably had a fight with his wife or smth

  20. HolyCheese007 says:

    bit off a cunt move could of done it nicer