Michael Phelps races a great white shark (sort of)

Michael Phelps races a great white shark (sort of)

Olympic great Michael Phelps races a ‘great white shark’ on Sunday as part of . The shark was in-fact a computer simulation rather than a actual great white but its swim speed was calculated using data collected from the real thing. Phelps finished the 100m course in 38 seconds, two second slower than the ‘shark’
View the video at https://www.theguardian.com/sport/video/2017/jul/24/michael-phelps-races-great-white-shark-video

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20 Responses

  1. David Heller says:

    Shark cheated it jumped

  2. Juan Botello says:

    Doesn’t count because Phelps is definitely past his prime!

  3. Frank Nicolosi says:

    If this was real phelps would lose by like 2 miles

  4. Palmtop Studios says:

    this is so fake

    That’s clearly a computer generated Michael Phelps

  5. BNH 88 says:

    Well, they tried. I guess.

  6. Viking Zero says:

    lol well raced………..your parents must be so proud of you

  7. Антон Ермаков says:

    да в 1000 раз быстрее она может проплыть!

  8. G S L says:

    What a fiasco !!! Phelps started before, used help … and only 2 seconds !!! It’s a “joke”.

  9. EpicMars says:

    no try racing a black marlin

  10. Yellow Bandit says:

    I thought shark ate Phelps at the end.

  11. Mehdi Bosta says:

    Wow thanks for reassuring us that we cannot out swim the shark. Appreciate it

  12. Yaokuei liu says:

    The only place Phelps can beat a shark is at a sushi restaurant.

  13. Tampa Jay says:

    Talk about anticipation let down! Subscribe to me. I just started making my own videos. I’m not that good, but maybe one day I will be 😀👍

  14. Darzo says:

    Using a real shark would’ve been safer

  15. DaKermitFrog says:

    Lol seriously.. I think we all know a shark is faster than that.

  16. Naureen Anwar says:

    That was simulated lame

  17. Lonely Traveler says:

    you folks sure he’s not colluding with the Russians? …the shark.

  18. KAzooo says:

    Please don’t tell me this is what they were hyping up.

  19. Skinny Mcdoogin says:

    Phelps = 6-10 mph, Great white = 25-30 mph. Yeah okay the math comes out on point, I won’t ask any questions.

  20. Byron Kennedy says:

    Did “the shark” know it was a race? Didn’t look like top speed to me.

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