Michael Rapaport credits Lakers’ Christmas win to ‘scrappy, tough’ young players | NBA | UNDISPUTED

Michael Rapaport credits Lakers’ Christmas win to ‘scrappy, tough’ young players | NBA | UNDISPUTED

Michael Rapaport joins Skip Bayless and Shannon Sharpe on the show today to talk NBA. Hear his take on the Golden State Warriors and Los Angeles Lakers Christmas Day showdown and what the Lakers could look like moving forward if LeBron James’ injury keeps him out for some time.

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About Skip and Shannon: UNDISPUTED:
UNDISPUTED is a daily two-and-a-half hour sports debate show starring Skip Bayless and Shannon Sharpe. Every day, Skip and Shannon will give their unfiltered, incisive, passionate opinions on the biggest sports topics of the day.

Michael Rapaport credits Lakers’ Christmas win to ‘scrappy, tough’ young players | NBA | UNDISPUTED

Skip and Shannon: UNDISPUTED

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79 Responses

  1. Skip and Shannon: UNDISPUTED says:

    Are the Lakers a Top 3 team in the West?

    • Gable Mann says:

      You guys are disgusting having that foul mouth Rapaport on this show. I have no more respect for this show.

    • BruceGreninja1 says:


    • jo pump says:

      Lebron is a closet racist. Its so obvious. He’s earning hundreds of millions of dollars and he has the idiocy to talk about slavery when all he does is put a ball in the hole as opposed to the real slaves who toiled day and night with no pay. Fck lebron and his racism.

  2. Relly says:

    Micheal Rapaport is the result of if skip bayless and rob parker had a baby, 95% hating and then 5% objectivity ??

  3. Ken Fulton {Baby Elder} says:

    Michael Rapaport played that character in Higher Learning a lil bit too good ?

  4. GunsGiftsGalleries says:

    As i type this comment….Somewhere, someplace, James harden is being fouled and awarded 2 freethrows and possesion of the ball.

  5. AfroCrew2022 says:

    Make no mistake, Rondo is the reason they won. Kuzma was choking away the game. Rondo is only in LA because he wanted to play with Lebron. Shout out to Rondo. ***Great news, Lebron will be okay. Look at his Twitter?***

  6. that baller kobe says:

    The warriors think they can stop Shaq, they can’t even stop Zubac

    • Ron Warshavsky says:

      I’m a warriors fan, but if they play against prime 2001 Lakers, every!! Play is either Shaq dunk/free throw or an open 3 for the other lakers. Every play.. But for those who will ask who Shaq will guard, I want to see Draymond scoring on him on the perimeter, that is before he fouls out…

    • Klever Alvarado says:

      ??who is Zubac? One good game and everyone thinks they are championship pedigree again. Lol

    • Никола .Бакърджиев says:

      +RAP1D EQUAL1ZER if they play by old rules maybe but with the new rules 2017 warriors will destroy everyone

    • You Goofy says:

      PalmdalesAdonis he gon be fouled out trynna guard shaq?

    • Isaac Camara Fernando says:


  7. Prince says:

    LeBron out played KD and he only played half the game and Rondo kept the mentally strong for the young core

    • Gyan Harold Regalado says:

      +Angel nobody scared of KD dude what u smokin? even Luca not afraid of him. and how many times LBJ destroyed him when he’s in OKC he just got better when he joined the GSW with 3 All Stars after he got beaten and blew 3-1 lead and you call him better than LBJ?

    • Klever Alvarado says:

      Prince and lebum still lost ??? swept may I add ??

    • Jeff Ramos says:

      +Angel BRON SCARED?? lmaooo soo who you chose to join a 72-10 team that beat him when he and his team was up 3-1? and he couldn’t even go to the east cause he knew LeBron would of owned 100% of the real estate in KDS head just like he owns the raptors

    • Nino Matias says:

      Prince indeed,shout out to rondo

  8. Jayy Vee says:

    Michael your wife cheated on you with a bartender… Go home buddy ??

  9. loro lako says:

    Shannon outnumbered today 2-1-LeBron haters?…..but anyways good win Lakernation!

  10. Angel Moya says:

    Rapaport talking about how everyday they have to talk about Lebron, THEY DON’T HAVE TO. HOW IS THAT HIS FAULT? ? it’s you guys that stay talking about that man

    • Mbest624 says:

      +Whatswhat you do know that Lebron’s son plays with reg kids. There are people who record him for their pleasure.

    • Pacman says:

      Its not his fault. It is still toxic though. When the discussion everyday is who is going to play with Lebron. Who is getting traded so Lebrons team is better. Who around Lebron isn’t good enough.

    • kdramalover 28 says:

      Lebron is doing his thing and what he wants and the media is always on the lookout on whatever he does and now it’s Lebron’s fault…

  11. NEW YORK says:

    VETs saved the game
    1st half Lebron
    2nd half Rondo

  12. Krystal Nylle Roberts says:

    The media who chooses to talk about Lebron everyday getting frustrated that they choose to talk about him everyday. So that makes Lebron toxic? The media is insane!

  13. Infinity 1 says:

    Where is SAS he must be butthurt from yesterday’s take
    “Kd wIlL dRoP foRTy”

  14. Daniel Pezzi says:

    Michael Rapaport is a worse version of Skip Baylee’s. At least Skip gets some stuff right

  15. D. B. says:

    Damn I wish y’all would keep this bozo off the show.

  16. OG BillBob says:

    Whenever Shannon gets a little aggressive in his voice everyone takes a slight pause to wonder if this is the day he’s gonna body slam somebody.

  17. Perry Jones says:

    Wow – The Young Turks lie every day saying Putin kills journalists and that’s okay, but Lebron quotes a song and people suddenly “question” why he quoted the song. We have to all grow up.

    • Voltaire says:

      Putin absolutely kills journalists. It’s well known. The Young Turks are trash, but not for that

    • James says:

      +Luke Griffis lmao cuckservatives just learned a new word and yall use it any chance you get, even if it doesn’t fit the context. You are a true NPC, LOL.

    • Mikey C23 says:

      +James cuckservatives? Wasn’t it libtards who are still crying 2 years later that Trump is their President? Oh yeah, it is. #MAGA #YourPresident #GetOverIt.

  18. Bué de Vídeos says:

    Vote STEVEN ADAMS for Allstar Games.

  19. Lakerfansince July 1,2018 says:

    Vote zubac for all star

  20. CycleCruza says:

    I just love to see when another team stomps the Warriors. lol

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