Michael Ray – Think A Little Less (Home Free Cover) [OFFICIAL VIDEO]

Michael Ray – Think A Little Less (Home Free Cover) [OFFICIAL VIDEO]

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Directed by: Jimmy Bates
Produced by: Home Free and Jimmy Bates
Co-Producer: Jimmy Bates
Production Assistant: Jenika Marion
Hair, Make-Up, and Styling: Olena Lysenko
Lighting by: Cole Manthey
Shot at: SeaLife at Mall of America, Minneapolis, MN; Firehouse Grill, New Market, MN
Edited by: Jimmy Bates
Colored by: Jimmy Bates

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This was made possible with the generous support of:
Jennifer T, Nanette W, Iris H, marvetta h, Candi O, Georgene K, Teresa L, Matthew M, Linda H, Elizabeth A O, Janice B, Genevra L, Gina M, Carole L, Carol A, Delaine M, Mary D F, Susan H, Michelle B, Mrs Karen T A, Mark W, Susan W, Deborah F, Janet S, Linya, Heather J, Laura R, Thomas R. S, Holly F, Angy B, Kimberly P, Betty R, Sally J, Donna U, Brandy P, Heather M, Paula W, Nicole H, Jane C, Heidi A, Susan Z, Lynh T, Ramona W, Steve S and Greg D, Beth B, R. D, Wagner M, Stacy W, Michael H, Catharine B, Michael T, Marcia G, Tina T, Uta v, Kathryn & Angela W, Tammy S, Joann S, Sarah J, Ronald P, Jonathan S, Melissa T, Jenna R, Francesca H, Tressi D, Carolyn S, Vicki S, Carolyn E, Jim M, Marianna A, Peggy C, Katrina k, Mandy S, Brenda W, Tina C, Martha V, Ingrid H, Beth W, Terry R, Alicia V, Melanie A, Caren E, Deena J, Mika A, Linda S D, Carol F, Paula M, Melanie S, Kathleen R, Randie L M, Steve and Marilyn C, Sheryl B, Christy K, Linda W, Lisa J, Brenda S, Kim S, Heather S, Tina K, Ramona V, Aimee J, Jen B, Shelly G, Katye M, JoAnn W, Jean C

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30 | Portland, ME – South Portland Auditorium

MAY 2017
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06 | Bleiburg, Austria – Voxon Festival
12 | Utrecht, Netherlands – Cloud Nine at Tivoli Vredenburg – SOLD OUT!!
13 | Gerona, Spain – Girona A Cappella Festival

JUNE 2017
11 | Nashville, TN – CMA Music Festival (4:30pm) Riverfront Stage
16 | Branson, MO – The Mansion Theatre
17 | Kearney, MO – Kearney Amphitheater (On-Sale in May 2017)
24 | Filer, ID – Hwy 30 Music Fest

JULY 2017
14 | Cottage Grove, OR – Bohemian Mining Days
21 | Lakeside, OH – Hoover Auditorium
28 | Seymour, WI – Outagamie County Fair
29 | Emmetsburg, IA – Wild Rose Casino (On-Sale 4/1)

05 | Sweet Home, OR – Oregon Jamboree
24 | Palmer, AK – Alaska State Fair

01 | Mt. Pleasant, IA – Midwest Old Thresher’s Reunion

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19 Responses

  1. littleike222 says:

    Cover “Evermore” please. With Tim and Chance singing lead it would be fantastic

  2. CatalinaDee1595 says:

    I don’t think I’ve ever clicked a notification so fast haha. Love it guys, amazing as usual

  3. Peanuttier 12 says:

    I want a boyfriend like this when I’m older!? You guys are awesome! Love you!!!???

  4. Cullen Richard says:

    0:46 Rob is Salt Bae

  5. Jessica Greymont says:

    sneaking food into the movie theater huh tim

  6. Chandler Treon says:

    I love that the video is mostly cute dates when the song is like “Hey we should lowkey fuck” lmao

  7. Kim x says:

    Did I just go on a date with all of Home Free? O_O

  8. Kaitlyn Elizabeth says:

    I always hate when I go on a romantic horse drawn carriage ride and the guy won’t stop beatboxing

  9. tonya longley says:

    love love love!!!! sounding so awesome!!! love you guys so much!!!!!

  10. Das Erdmännchen says:

    is it me or is rob losing some weight? 😀
    also: nice beard chance 😉

  11. Lukas Speed3 says:

    Wow good job this is better than the original u guys are awsome

  12. Ken Whitt says:

    You all are very good!

  13. Grandma's Gone Gaming says:

    I love this version of the song. As for the message of the song, people ARE allowed to follow the instructions when they’re married, too, you know. The hand grabbing for the popcorn from Tim was Jenika’s, I believe, and more than likely Rob would have been cooking for his wife Kelsey. 😉

  14. Dan Mackison says:

    I think Adam Chance has added a lot to the group.

  15. Chloe57964 says:

    So amazing I love it

  16. Peggy McPhail says:

    Absolute genius! The way the video was shot, made it seem personal, ya know? Love, love, love it and as always Home Free stays my favorite country group! Hoping to catch your live concert in Corvallis, Oregon in May……WhooooHooooo <3

  17. Annie Yang says:

    Omg…I cannot believe yalls were in MN!!!!! Love you all!!!!!

  18. Manaw naw says:

    :):) i am over thinking person, thank you for song:)…

  19. Joe Dirt says:

    Yall should do “Greatest Love Story” by LANco

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