Michael Strahan Announces His Departure

Michael Strahan Announces His Departure

Michael Strahan tells guest co-host Ana Gasteyer and the audience about his upcoming departure from the show.

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20 Responses

  1. bowmanchrome says:

    Hey Kelly sorry to hear about your loss. I’d love to be your tv hubby for a
    day. I promise to be faithful! Shoot me a PM.

  2. Robert Keil says:

    “It’s on the same channel”…unless you’re in a market where you’re on a
    different channel than GMA (ie Oklahoma City)

  3. kammy david says:

    It’s pretty fucked up how Kelly was blindsided in this

  4. Dawn Derosa says:

    we are going to miss you Michael and for all you idiots that say Kelly is
    going to be fired you’re all crazy she makes the show it was fantastic to
    have Michael on I’m going to miss him but Kelly will carry on the show will
    carry on and it’ll be good nonetheless

  5. jerel says:

    I feel bad for Kelly, Michael should’ve told her he was leaving when she
    was there. Why did they not tell her until the last minute ? No wonder she
    didn’t show up today.

  6. Mike Latman says:

    thank god

  7. jim kara says:

    What happened to Regis?
    Not a single appearance in the last 4 years?
    Looks like Karma to me.

  8. mark anthony says:

    Replace him with craig Ferguson and his robot ??

  9. Ike Moore says:

    At the end of the day, this is a great move for Michael coming from the
    football world and kill it in the tv world. Obviously the Kelly stuff is up
    in the air but I hope for the best for everyone and a good luck in advance
    to the replacement now u gotta replace mike and Regis lol

  10. rhymeandreasoning says:

    MICHAEL IS HOT !!!! <3 <3 -Kirk

  11. Joanna Pinal says:

    Him leaving in September is not last minute! She needs to suck it up and go
    back to work! People move on, that’s life. If she doesn’t show up until he
    leaves then she has abandonment issues and need a therapist.

  12. Emily says:

    Kelly has been in the business for a long time so I have to believe she
    knew what the nature of speculations would be if she was absent the day of
    his announcement. That being said, I think she made the statement she
    wanted to make. They are both skilled actors, if reports stating that they
    had issues with each other are true, because you definitely wouldn’t have
    come to that conclusion by watching the show and seeing them interact. So
    she could have played off having no issue with his announcement by being
    present and using those skills. That’s why I believe she wanted to make the
    statement she’s made.

  13. sillymoons oo says:

    Let’s be honest most of us started watching ever since Micheal joined the
    show and he made it actually entertaining to watch. I only hope they could
    find someone close to Micheal. Any suggestions?

  14. Superkoopatrooper says:

    who gives a fuck lol

  15. tres BAZAR says:

    I really liked him, I think he and Kelly had great chemistry. He must have
    a bittersweet feeling now, because starting a new job is always exciting,
    but “leaving” your friends is never easy. All the best to him and I hope
    they find someone who is good enough to fill his shoes.

  16. Matthew Savoy says:

    Hurry Back Kelly i miss YOUR LEGS

    they’re amazing

  17. RayWilliamJohansen says:

    Kelly is sad because she was hooking up with michael…

  18. CapN b0b says:

    Ana Gasteyer you need this. Id like to see you in the limelight for once.

  19. Crazy C says:

    I feel bad for Kelly Ripa their ripping her apart.

  20. hydro1957 says:

    What an ungrateful shit. Mr. Trendy. You found you spot and the ABC lapdog