Michelle Obama and her mother on adjusting to life at White House

Michelle Obama and her mother on adjusting to life at White House

Michelle Obama says it was never easy being the wife of a driven politician. The demands of campaigning and politics strained their marriage, and they sought help in couples’ therapy. In their first national TV interview together, Gayle King also spoke with Marian Robinson, Obama’s mother, about her eight years in the White House.

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75 Responses

  1. M J says:

    I absolutely love First lady Michelle Obama she is everything I wanna be as a woman. They did everything right while they served in the white house! ❀️this family.

  2. k Yaa says:

    It is true that Michelle Obama and the family took away the love because they brought it to the white house. A loving place being home or whatever is not loving unless it has loving people in it.

  3. Florinda Collins says:

    Mom Robinson is a very humble woman. πŸ™‚

    • Raul Tiangson says:

      She is annoying and rubbing people the wrong kind of way calling the Laura Ingraham show under the pseudonym MR and when confronted hung up the line she is a case of hit and run MR by the way use a high pitched voice but that’s her trying to be somebody she is not

    • Anna Draper says:

      +Dennis Harrison trump played more golf so far than President Obama did in eight years. The offices are set up every first lady gets the same office and the same staff.

    • Dennis Harrison says:

      +Anna Draper and he created more jobs in 2 years then food stamp Barry did in 8.look at GDP 3.5 to 4 and what did Barry do when he was on his way out 1.Isis what cutting heads off with little Barry and now there pretty much done thanks to president trump

  4. fran groves says:

    Who wouldn’t want a mother like Mrs. Robinson. Great job mom.

    • outdoor fun says:

      I would sit and have a beer with Michelle. To bad she married a communist idiot who spent 8 years dividing a country plus all his criminal crap. Remember his famous words. Time to start transforming America. AKA Time to start turning America into a communist/socialist country.

    • Rani Sun says:

      And here’s to you, Mrs Robinson. Jesus loves you more than you will know, Heavan holds a place for those who pray 🎢🎀

      But if you knew about Mike then you’re an accomplice.
      What’s that you say, Mrs Robinson?

    • gusdahlehhater says:

      She needs to be caged.

    • Iris Sanders says:

      +lina Nicolia …if it wasn’t her mother a professional nanny would have gotten it! So your point is what??

    • John Ingram says:

      It’s shocking that she was living in the White House for 8 years, and I’ve never even seen her before. She kept such a low profile. Such humility. I’m still shocked about the awful and personal things that people say about the Obama family.

  5. Zzul Ma says:

    The racists,homophobics with their crazy fantasies are not here yet. Thanks for the video πŸ‘πŸΏ

  6. Ebony Daniels says:

    Gayle: Do you miss the White House?
    Mrs. Robinson: No πŸ˜‚β€

  7. Brenda Sykes-Tucker says:

    Thank you Mrs. Obama for inspiring women all over the world can’t wait to read your book, Mrs. Robinson is amaZing!!!!!

  8. Shelly C says:

    You go under any Michelle or Barack video and find a slew of racists comments…smh.

  9. Kevin Harris says:

    The thing that is hilarious is that with all the accomplishments of Michelle Obama, the mother’s favorite child is the eldest brother. Michelle was very open and honest.

    • S C says:

      Kevin,Β  Michelle said in an interview, that she was a Daddy’s Girl.Β  Boys are often close to their mothers, and they both learned to be good mates to their spouses because of the healthy relationships they had with their parent of the opposite sex,Β  and a loving family environment overall.

    • lina Nicolia says:

      He is the real thing and Michelle is not. She is a fraud, like what she did railroading poor blacks from the hospital she was handling accounts for. They used a black woman as she was perfect for the job. She could be purchased, as her husband was.

    • thehoneydeev says:

      lina Nicolia Wao you had to go there. Now let me ask you: what is it that you do in your daily life that’s so better than Michelle’s?

    • Kevin Harris says:

      +thehoneydeev I only repeated what Michelle said in her interview with Robyn Roberts and Michelle. Michelle’s brother was there to validate it. They both joked about it, but both acknowledged it. We know her as the 1st Lady, but she is Michelle to mom. Denzel Washington said after winning his 2nd Oscar he went to his mom and instead of his mom praising him, she said, “take out the trash. ” I think those are statements that keep you humble and focused as you continue to make the world a better place.

  10. spoo man says:

    Love you Michelle! So happy Barry chose a real woman like you!

  11. spoo man says:

    Men who NEED to attack women really disturb me. You have no heart!

  12. Cornwall 59 says:

    Solid family, respect.

  13. Deborah Hoffman says:

    Thanks for showing the value of loving grandparents.

  14. Talkindurinthemovie says:

    You see these women not talking about politics or anything but their family and ppl are attacking them for no reason. Except jealousy and racism

  15. Donna Sweeney says:

    Thank you First Granny for giving us the privilege of your daughter! Many times during those eight years I wondered what you were thinking…God bless.

  16. Joaquin Praveen Vishnu says:

    That part, when a mother says ‘When i grow up, i would like to be like Michelle Obama’, really got me choked up.

    • Dennis Harrison says:

      +mamoudou Ndiaye what was racist about it?u gotta be a liberal cause that’s the only word libs know

    • Peggy Roberts says:

      Joaquin Praveen Vishnu me too. I’m like dammit, I got my makeup done professionally today and now I’m crying. But the Obamas always make me cry. I love them so much. This is exactly what the country needs right now.

    • Iris Sanders says:


    • Brent Edwards says:

      Chocked me up too..too full upchuck…

  17. Yolanda S. says:

    This brought tears to my eyes because I miss my mom so much. She passed 20 years ago. You never get over it, just learn to live with the loss. I miss all the special moments we shared and believe it or not, I miss her nagging me about the small stuff…who’d a thunk it, right (LOL). I cherish her memory. Love on you mom while she’s here.

    • Gloria D says:

      I am so sorry for your loss!!! I understand your sentiments….I loss my Mother 25 years ago and it’s definitely something that you can’t get over. I have learned to live with the pain and continue to push forward because I know she wanted the best for me. I hope you are doing the same. Hugs to you!!!!!

  18. Yusif Kwakye says:

    Mrs.Robinson, you are the real deal

  19. April Chamberlain says:

    I like her mom, she wasn’t trying to be in the spotlight. She just wanted to be there for her family. That’s one awesome mom/grandma to move into the white house & help take care of the kids!

  20. Yini Wu says:

    Lovely mom and lovely grandmother, love you Michelle.

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