Michelle Obama Defends Healthy Lunches | The View

Michelle Obama Defends Healthy Lunches | The View

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  1. Rebekah Flade says:

    My kids school lunch didn’t get better under her program. In fact it got worse, so THANK GOD it’s OVER!!!!!

  2. Sevipants19 says:

    I’m a teacher. I can tell you the kids don’t eat it. Not even the pizza!! Teachers used to buy school lunches too. Not anymore. It’s the truth. Michelle, good food can taste good. They don’t eat it. It gets thrown away. I promise.

  3. Nicole Mckee says:

    Its so sad that there is a debate on healthy food

  4. The Forestas says:

    The food was not healthy, it was slop.

  5. Yuri Desouza says:

    My High school lunch was switched up because of her program and to be honest the food is definitely better, we had a sandwich station with healthy options etc and it wasn’t bad at all ! Idk what the big fuss is about

  6. Sentari says:

    I’m a teacher who teaches at the school I went to during my high school days and I can say 100% that the lunch quality and OPTIONS got significantly better. It’s also a low economic area so money cannot be used as an excuse.

  7. Olivia Grant says:

    aww you still miss Michelle Obama? aww really? well times change. bye..

  8. Shane C says:

    I’m from the south. When I was in school our school lunches were AMAZING. It was far from the mesh you see thrown on plates on TV. Wednesdays was fry chicken day. OMG. Popeye’s and KFC had nothing on those black kitchen ladies down south (I’m black, too btw). They served juicy breasts, wings, legs, brown gravy, white rice, rolls, fresh broccoli and cheese, ice cream cups, and milk, and hot sauce. You could tell it was a black school by our menu. On Holidays, we would have real, homemade dressing (no box or stove top), homemade gravy (with turkey bits in it), raisin cinnamon rolls, collard greens, turkey (it wasn’t dry), and a bunch of other stuff. It was a real holiday lunch. People in the community would order out our holiday lunches. We had sausage or fried chicken biscuits for breakfast, breakfast pizza, etc. Nowadays, my nieces and nephews complain profusely about the lunch. Kids aren’t eating it. Now, a lot of kids are starving both at school and at home. I like Michelle, but she should advocate a compromise. In the south, she really changed the culture. Everybody, everywhere, isn’t as health conscious, as let’s say, California. From what I hear, a lot of these old school kitchen workers don’t know how to cook this knew healthy food.

  9. Violeta Rakanovic says:

    JEDEDIIAH IS A FUCKING FOOL!!! I don’t know how Joy or Whoopi can stand to be around her. EVERY TIME SHE SPEAKS I CRING!!!! MORON

  10. dukky fuzz says:

    that’s why they’re so many fat kids with diabetes

  11. edwin washington says:

    That was such a straw man argument. Mrs obama didn’t even fight the argument

  12. Christina Powell says:

    so can we all agree school lunch is just plain nasty anyway

  13. Len Peterson says:

    I can’t decide who looks more like a gorilla, Michelle Obama or Whoopi.

  14. CSpan1993 says:

    Why are people blaming Michelle? If you don’t like the lunches complain to your school board/district. they’re the ones who decide what the lunches actually are.

  15. Miles Dixon says:

    why are people blaming Michelle? blame the schools who do not go by the criteria

  16. Jen Luvs Reviews says:

    I love Michelle, but the school lunches didn’t get better. I was a public elementary school teacher from 2005-2016. The breakfasts, especially, are LOADED with sugar. All of the meals are highly processed. The worst part is, for our lowest income students, these are the best meals they ever get. I don’t believe that it costs THAT much more for healthier lunches. What it is is more WORK and time. They would have to train cafe workers to actually COOK food rather than just reheat it. I challenge the hosts of the view to get a local school cafeteria to send them examples of breakfast and lunch food to actually EAT. The stuff is disgusting! No wonder the kids won’t eat it!

  17. Angieplovesmakeup says:

    Current school lunches are absolutely disgusting my kids refuse to eat it and I don’t blame them glad to see this going

  18. dont doit says:

    So let the kids eat junk, have health problems, and pay higher health insurance because of preexisting illnesses, ie circle of life!!!

  19. proud redneck says:

    ugliest first lady ever

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