Michelle Obama says her brother is still their mother’s favorite

Michelle Obama says her brother is still their mother’s favorite

Obama and her brother, Craig Robinson, reflect on growing up on Chicago’s South Side, plus the former first lady shares how her daughters have gotten guidance from the Bush sisters.

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74 Responses

  1. Felicia Durham says:

    I love my Forever First Lady. Her Grace, Empathy, and Compassion for others is beyond inspiring. ❤❤

  2. Berline B says:

    So much class. Love her

  3. Shirley Fretty says:

    Gosh, they look so much alike! Such a beautiful First Lady!

    • dan j says:

      +Thomas Ryan U wish u had everything about the Obamas,that is obvious.Its a shame we have 2 clowns in the white house now

    • MELPCSR Jr. says:


    • Lisa T-Wright says:

      You think way too highly of yourself, illiterate dolt. There are baby “calf’s” who are smarter?? The plural of calf is CALVES. And what’s the apostrophe for. Apostrophes indicate possession not plurality. Who is more inherently foolish than someone calling others stupid while demonstrating their own idiocy?

    • Lisa T-Wright says:

      elaine Smith Your first couple of sentences seem to juxtapose each other–not in topic, but in attitude, spirit, and mentality. Just wondering if your initial statements were sarcastic or not; one never knows in the Youtube comment section…

    • balti4s #79 says:

      +Karisha Foggy she’s like 4 or 5 max

  4. Kimberly Chaney says:

    Michelle Obama is a PHENOMENAL WOMAN and the EPITOME of elegance and grace. ?

  5. Paris Woods says:

    I was there behind her and awkwardly smiling off guard lol! But, I loved every moment of it

  6. D Sanchez says:

    I love the Obamas, they had such grace, poise, intelligence and were amazing role models. I miss them terribly.

  7. Deirdre Macdougall says:

    Omg that was awesome ! ❤

  8. Lisa Harper says:

    OMG they look so much alike!

  9. Perry Walton says:

    It’s so good to hear from her now…breath of fresh air. Inspiring as always.

  10. Fiscal U. says:

    The chemistry that the First Lady and Craig has is awesome.. it makes me miss my siblings… Just a bit!

  11. Absa Kane says:

    Such a class act!

  12. Kandikane says:

    This is one classy lady America and the world is proud to claim her. God bless her and her family

  13. Happiness says:

    Michelle said a very true and nice statement, ” Present of strong father and brother affect us as females personality”.

  14. Hannah Victoria Parchment Rosa says:

    The living embodiment of a PHENOMENAL WOMAN❤️

  15. 50something Original says:

    I admire this family! Thank you for continuing to be role models!

  16. Ajo Wong says:

    Their mother can be so proud my goodness it doesn’t get better then this …

  17. Wanda Skinner says:

    Michelle Obama-beautiful,Real, relevant, relatable, intelligent, articulate, resilient, warm, classy, poised, graceful…❤️?

  18. FeeFee973 says:

    She’s wearing that pant suit! Her brother complimented her outfit with his suit. She’s unstoppable!

  19. lpgilber says:

    This is what happens when children are raised right! Kudos to their parents!

  20. Kimy Bear says:

    ☺Heyy Mrs Obama. She’s the GOAT

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