Michelle Obama Welcomes Melania Trump to White House

Michelle Obama Welcomes Melania Trump to White House

Michelle Obama continued the long tradition of hosting the future First Lady and former model during her first trip to the White House.

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20 Responses

  1. Gritzalem says:

    Melania has good intentions, but knowing Hillary supports, they’ll find a
    way to make her look evil… so sad!

  2. Honest Commentor says:

    I wonder if Melanie thanked Michelle for the speech she borrowed from her

  3. Inna says:


  4. kevin M702 says:

    it almost feels like kim Kardashian is the first lady almost

  5. Adrienne Burrows says:

    I am proud of First Lady Michelle Obama.She has represented this country
    well with grace,style, intelligence, and class.JOB WELL DONE!!!

  6. FearlessRamPaiger says:

    Lol she’s standing up for cyber bullying yet her husband is the biggest
    cyber bully on Twitter..

  7. Crank Stabheart says:

    First I steal your speech and then I steal your house

  8. Deepak Kannan says:

    Not against Melania. she seems like a simple, ignorant, average IQ person.
    But its quite a contrast to a strong, intelligent, confident women like

  9. NerdnamedLeo says:

    Michelle: Hi I’m Michelle
    Melanie: Hi I’m Michelle

  10. @lex says:

    Wow. Michelle, a Harvard-educated lawyer passing the torch over to a former
    prostitute. Just WOW.

  11. Kraft Thisile says:

    why are people so mad, I think Melania represents what American women
    thrive for. Plastic surgeon, life of luxury, rich older husband with high

  12. Randy says:

    Pornstars can become First Ladies ??? That’s new. (No that doesn’t mean
    Melanie is an actual pornstar , don’t get butt hurt. It’s just a joke fam)

  13. SorayaSun92 says:

    caitlyn jenner is that you?

  14. HyperLiink ROBLOX says:

    She’s so married to Trump for the money XD

  15. Suzan Zibar says:

    Nope. Bill Clinton would have been First Laddy.

  16. bigdickwilly says:

    I don’t like trump either but I would definitely smash the First Lady.

  17. Luqmanul Hakim says:

    making slovenia great again… opss pregnant again…

  18. Simón Luque says:

    Cyber bullying… someone’s been watching too much South Park. Skankhunt42
    they’re coming for you.

  19. Infinite Dead says:

    Lmao she wants to stop cyber bullying yet her husband is probably the
    biggest bully out there

  20. [Ids5621-Retro] says:

    trump is married to an immigrant who can’t speak English and hates cyber
    bullying. hypocrisy?