Michigan’s Muslim Vote Delivers Sanders Big Primary Win

Michigan’s Muslim Vote Delivers Sanders Big Primary Win

It turns out Michigan’s Muslim vote went heavily in favor of Bernie Sanders in the 2016 Democratic primary election. Why do Arabs have issues with Hillary Clinton? Ana Kasparian, Cenk Uygur, John Iadarola and Ben Mankiewicz of The Young Turks discuss. Do you agree with TYT’s opinion? Tell us what you think in the comment section below.

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20 Responses

  1. dcaseng says:

    If you cut hillary open you’ll find nothing but a circuit board and an
    electronic credit card reader.

  2. Eli says:

    I am a muslim from Pakistan and honestly I search ‘bernie results’ while
    still in my bed in the morning day after every state primary. I think it
    will be a great change if Bernie becomes the president of US as it impacts
    lives of billions of other people. specially muslims who want peace but due
    to America’s war we are dying by hands of extremist whose families were
    blown by the US drones. its a circle which will end if US stops its
    interventions around the world and reduce its military presence in its
    hundreds of bases, only candidate who understand this is Bernie so that is
    why i feel the bern, I hope american people do the right thing this time!
    Clinton is just a run of the mill establishment candidate who will offer
    nothing but what big corps want. #bernie #feelthebern

  3. Shahbaz Ahmed says:

    Sam Harris and his fanboys disliked this video

  4. Mary G says:

    Right now, I am assuming Republicans voted for Bernie in the open primary
    to mess Hillary’s numbers. That is how Irv Cantor’s district got rid of him
    – lots of Democrats voted for his opponent Bratt in a total surprise move.
    But future elections will tell us more.

  5. loung tran says:

    muslims voting for jewish guy lol maybe they are secular lol

  6. Bro seth says:

    #BlackLivesMatters endorsed Bernie from the start, but hey, keep saying
    ”Hilary has the black vote” ”blacks vote monolithic for Hilary”
    ”blacks are stupid and lazy when it comes to voting”
    just adding this to my list of evidence of leftist race baiting.

  7. Bro seth says:

    ”Hilary has the black vote” Really? i only hear white folks saying that
    ”but not us muslims” oooh right, i see whats going on here….

  8. Shauna Haley says:

    That actually makes me very proud to be American. Wonderful that not all of
    our citizens have not completely lost it.

  9. far ema says:

    Of course radicalised Moslem vote for sanders ….they scare of trump. And
    they know he throws bad Muslims out.

  10. gespilk says:

    Bernie lost the day by 18 delegates.
    HE WINS BATTLES BUT …. SO FAR… SHE WINS THE WAR…. so, talk as much
    as you like….the proof is in the pudding!

  11. AkilTheAwesome says:

    The thing people don’t understand when they Say Hillary will get stuff
    done…. Is that what she wants to get done, is not the same thing you want
    to get done. She is not a progressive. Her history proves that. She is a
    chameleon. She changes her rhetoric to match the popular thing at the time.

    You can even see it in this election alone. But there are videos all over
    Youtube and the Internet showcasing her contradicting herself, or straight
    up lying about what she has said in the past. I’m talking split-screen
    videos, showing PROOF of her lying through her teeth. HELL look at her
    campaign against Obama!!!

  12. popiedo says:

    Bloomberg had the NYPD spy on Muslims in NY as well as across the country.
    He also sent the NYPD to train in Israel. As well under him that
    Anti-Muslim video was being shown to the NYTD.

  13. proud american says:

    of course muslims will vote for him. he wants to be like europe and
    relocate the middle east to our country

  14. oscar Cespedes says:

    The reason Bernie won is because Hillary voter’s were voting to stop trump
    and idiot move to make

  15. Marco Polo says:

    Gob Bless America!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  16. avenir avenir says:


  17. Faisal Afzal says:

    I’m a Muslim and I’m gathering up as many people as I can for Bernie. Only
    in America one can find such scenarios… Trump and his hatred on one side
    and then Muslims and Jews coming together on the other. #FeelTheBern

  18. whatsgoingon07 says:

    feel the Bern bitches!!

  19. Onyebuci Mordi says:

    issues should drive the vote. i was born outside this country, and i dont
    get it when Americans vote for individuals, instead of what the individuals
    stand for.

  20. Alison B says:

    Go Bernie!