mickey rourke knock out Boxing

mickey rourke knock out Boxing
нокаут микки рурка 28.11.2014

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20 Responses

  1. Raymond Torres says:

    Wow. Are u fucking kidding me. This is bullshit. I feel sick n its a slap
    in the face to anyone that has fought in a ring or cage before. Disgrace

  2. Andrew Clayterman says:

    garbage match..

  3. Andrew Clayterman says:

    hmm.. rourkes gloves are gold so a punch would show up better in pics for
    the media.. and the the guys gloves are black to show up better against
    rourkes face for photos..hmmm

  4. Ergô Felix Culpa says:


  5. John Kent says:

    Fake……setup “fight”. Terribly acted too…. Bbbhhooooo…

  6. Pedro Yanez says:

    Un poquito mas fraudulento y le gana a nicolas maduro

  7. Robert Flores says:

    I hope they paid the audience to watch this crap.

  8. Mikey B says:

    this was horrible………….lol you all been fooled

  9. Frosty1979 says:

    Fighting in Russian pants and breathing Russian air made Rourke so strong.
    People who think otherwise are surely stupid and weak westerners jealous of
    powerful Russia…


  10. Aleks Marinoff says:

    It was better than WWF and RAW……..

  11. Case 275 says:

    What a joke, that brother was paid not to swing. That’s embarrassing to

  12. xerakis says:

    hmmm, fight is in Russia , black guy never throws a punch and goes down
    from a body punch …..seems legit, great win…

  13. Bong Valdez says:

    WOW his hand speed is slow,he can work on his stamina too but the power is
    still there combine that with a little bit of money and you can win a
    freaking turribble fight!

  14. zaphodbeblebrox9 says:

    Rourke is in great shape but this is disgusting and shameful for both

  15. bos boss says:


  16. Cvetan Ivanov says:

    Wooow terrible set up 😀 Seymour is like – I will staying here and will
    waiting to hit me, and after that I’ll fall down cuz you “hit like hell” 😀
    What a joke :D

  17. Mark Pattison says:

    he’s making a total joke of the sport….shit Im embarrassed just
    watching…..I wonder how much cash it took for Seymour to take a fall like

  18. LAsHoGuY says:

    If your gonna take a “dive” at least make it believable…smh

  19. Kenshiro says:

    Fuckin embarrassing the other guy should have just punched his plastic face
    and had done with it!


  20. earthsurfer13 says:

    Fucking bullshit! Mother Russia should be embarrassed for hosting this

    Hey Mickey… you are a washed up shell of your former self. And your owl
    tattoo is very telling.