Microwaving an Airbag in Slow Motion – The Slow Mo Guys – 4K

Microwaving an Airbag in Slow Motion – The Slow Mo Guys – 4K

Gav and Dan pay tribute to a classic internet experiment. Roasted nuts, anyone?
Don’t Try at home.
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Is it a good idea to Microwave this? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RhjHAPw1q-M

2nd Channel! https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCgC4Nn0rqqdeqACnzaIMo_Q

Filmed at 2000fps and 1000fps with the Phantom Flex 4k
Microwaving an Airbag in Slow Motion – The Slow Mo Guys

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20 Responses

  1. Instagram Pro says:

    You were only meant to blow the bloody doors off…

  2. Zubair Desai says:

    “was that a car crash”, that’s what you’re neighbors probably think every time you guys shoot a video.

  3. Pinga6 says:

    Blow up a mosque, slow-mo

  4. Ami Yamato says:

    Right in front of the house windows! Twice really lucky the rest of the microwave didn’t fly into them!

  5. hdspade says:

    i love how calm they are when they hear a car crash

    the british attitude at it’s finest

  6. Swed99 says:

    Is it smart to do this right in front of their windows??

  7. Caleb Byrd says:

    1:45 Your Welcome

  8. TheBeanDream says:

    Only fsggots can like this comment

  9. Kutlwano Sesing says:

    We’ll use this to knock down Trump’ s wall πŸ˜‚πŸ€£

  10. Killacamfoo O.G. says:

    Poor @Jon and the good ‘ol Microwave show. Dead and gone.

  11. HOW to MAKE says:

    1reply= 1dollar
    1like = 100 dollars
    1sub = 100k dollars

  12. zonary mosquito says:

    film the car crash in slow motion

  13. The Hardcorps says:

    For 10 weeks I thought his coat said gay πŸ˜‚

  14. Andrew Paino says:

    2:43 is it just me or the airbag reminds me of baymax’s face

  15. Gunne619 says:

    Actually, green would be a primary color, if it’d suddenly start glowing.

  16. Petilsan says:

    Yup, that was deffinently a car crash

  17. Kayjay says:

    “Is it okay to microwave this” Jesus what a throwback.

  18. David Cross says:

    Is it a good idea to microwave this? Nobody likes roasted nuts.

  19. Del T says:

    I thought it was going to break your window.

  20. CDW3176 says:

    Yeah, Shout out to “Is it a good idea to Microwave this?”

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