Mid-air Paintball Collisions in Slow Mo – The Slow Mo Guys

Mid-air Paintball Collisions in Slow Mo – The Slow Mo Guys

Watching two very fast moving objects smack together at high speeds is very satisfying to watch. That’s the main reason Gav and Dan made this video.
Don’t try without goggles and that. Be safe. Be slow.
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Thanks to Destin from Smarter Every Day for lending us the camera – https://www.youtube.com/user/destinws2

2nd Channel! https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCgC4Nn0rqqdeqACnzaIMo_Q

Shot on the Phantom V2511 at 28,500fps
Mid-air Paintball Collisions in Slow Mo – The Slow Mo Guys

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20 Responses

  1. Jeffrey C says:

    I like how the green one didn’t have green paint in it

  2. Ethan Valencia says:

    do the same thing but put one of your heads in the middle.

  3. Ferdidi Gdt says:


  4. Steve Eric Jordan says:

    This channel is perfect.
    Quality content, no drama, EXTREMELY sympathetic and natural persons, no clickbait or other soulless shit like that, nothing acted… just good ole Youtube as it used to be. Why can’t all of Youtube be like this, i would be much less depressive 😀

    Other awesome channels like that would be Cinemassacre, Vsauce and some more i’m not remembering rn, but sadly there is not as many of them as there is cancerous people on this platform.

  5. Jack Beary says:

    When you want the extra ad revenue for 10 mins

  6. Martin Lemaire says:

    They slow down the video just to pass the 10 minutes mark, sell out!

  7. Stephen Burley says:

    How long would it take you to paint the fence with a paintball gun? Well…
    Let’s assume that you are as efficient with a paintball gun as you would be if you were painting with a brush. Normally, you’d be looking at a Gallon covering 400 square feet, roughly speaking. The fence looks to be about… six feet high, and twenty feet long on each side, and I’m assuming your fence covers three sides of the garden, so that’d be… 360 square feet. We’ll call it four hundred for easy math.
    A quick google search suggests that a paintball has around 2.5 mL of paint in it. So to make up the gallon of paint needed to paint the fence, it would take… around 1800 paintballs. It looks like you can fire around five paintballs a second, and a hopper typically holds around 200 paintballs, so that’s six minutes of continuous fire with eight reloads (plus the original full hopper to make nine full hoppers). I honestly have no idea how long it would take to reload a hopper, I’m guessing no more than a minute.

    So, in theory, you could do it in under half an hour. If I did the math right, and guessed the associated numbers right. Which I quite possibly fucked up. Do a video about it, and prove whether or not I’m right!

  8. Maxx B says:

    3:55 Gavin, how middle class are you with your physalis and kumquat? LOL Great video though.

  9. max huber says:

    Hey to remove a air tank from a paint ball marker. You have to turn it 3/4 then shoot. Then turn and shoot till the gun stops shooting

  10. dipin divakaran says:

    Were the green balls empty???

  11. Anthony L says:

    Do you guys still film in the old backyard with the shed?

  12. Morgan Thompson says:

    This is how CERN was started

  13. Dušan Dule says:


  14. Tim Chamberlin says:

    I imagine this is kinda similar how the Big Bang happened? 😛

  15. James Higginbotham says:


  16. Doogie Nichole says:

    so did now of the green ones have paint or did they just have orange paint??

  17. Charles Damery says:

    This is what happens when you get a university education, but can’t find the proper job to fit your qualifications.

  18. Geoffrey Marchal says:

    Incredible shoot!

  19. Coby Cannoli says:

    Gotta get that extra ad revenue

  20. Mister Cuțu says:

    Get a katana , put it in that bench vice and throw things at it (fruit)

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