Midland Circle Security Elevator B

Midland Circle Security Elevator B

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19 Responses

  1. William Rodriguez says:


  2. MusicMan says:

    how come only Daredevil has a mask on?

  3. James Hulser says:

    Anyone notice the camera footage ends at 8/18/2017??? It’s coming soon you guys!!! Get ready!

  4. Captain Malcolm Reynolds says:

    How come Jessica is the only one who doesn’t seem tired ??

  5. Raul.Marin says:

    Luke has bullet holes all over his hoodie, they’ve just been in a fight!

  6. Jonny Stovall says:

    8/18/2017!!!! I’m so excited

  7. Rambo Luib says:

    The hell are you wearing Matt lol?

  8. Say What Again i Dare you i Double Dare you! says:

    Recast Iron Fist, he sucks ass

  9. AlmightyMedia says:

    Just waiting on *Emergency Awesome* to do a 10 minute break down video on 16 second footage. lol

  10. LF Drumming says:

    My guess is Matt will tell Danny that he needs to conceal his identity as the iron fist because people around him will get hurt so he will get Melvin Potter (the gladiator) to make him a suit.

  11. JZPotter says:

    What the hell is Matt wearing?

  12. akadiegooo says:

    luke: i’m luke cage
    danny: hey i’m danny rand
    jessica: jessica jones

  13. Diadlo says:

    For those who don’t get it, this is essica Jones, Luke Cage, Danny Rand and Daredevil for the Defenders.

  14. Wiebejamin says:

    Daredevil looks more like Iron Fist than Iron Fist.

  15. Marcus Blixenkrone-Møller says:

    Awww man… I hate it when trailers give away the entire plot

  16. film79 says:

    Where is Frank?

  17. Paul says:

    All aboard the hype tra-… er… elevator.

  18. iCrash says:

    Why is it that the original teaser is at trending 22 and some other guy posted the video and it’s on #1

  19. Eric Poulsen says:

    They are in an elevator saying “Going down.” while the sign to Jessica’s right says “Midland Circle Financial”.

    Could this be the hole from DD season 2?! DD and Elektra found the hole in Midland Circle and DD said that it was at least 40 stories deep. The elevator says 45, but goes down?!

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