Mika On Wiretapping Claims: Were You Lying, Mr. President? Did You Make It Up? | Morning Joe | MSNBC

Mika On Wiretapping Claims: Were You Lying, Mr. President? Did You Make It Up? | Morning Joe | MSNBC

The Trump WH missed its Monday deadline to provide evidence supporting Trump’s claims former President Obama wiretapped Trump Tower. Mika has a few questions.
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Mika On Wiretapping Claims: Were You Lying, Mr. President? Did You Make It Up? | Morning Joe | MSNBC

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20 Responses

  1. BLT4LIFE says:

    She’s the only one in the room with balls.

  2. Gholden1972 says:

    They think people will forget about this. Good thing the media is not letting this happen. We’re tired of these lies. It’s one thing to lie about 3 million fake voters it’s another to denigrate the former president to call him a sad and bad man. He’s the sad and bad man. So tiresome. Embarrassment.

  3. chacha2017 chacha2017 says:

    America is going to be bankrupt by the end of this term. Paranoid, delusional, compulsive liar!!!!

  4. airforceups1 says:

    Worst President in modern history . Russian ties…. .LIES +disrespecting women +KKK.not showing tax returns this country should be ashamed of letting this happen..

  5. Ksnamaste says:

    omg…when is Spicer going to look out for himself and get out while he can. he’s looking so much like a court jester

  6. 50 Shades of Black says:

    More time to let it go away or drum fake evidence. More time is dangerous and it shouldn’t be allowed to happen dealing with these notorious con artists because this is based on a lie. This is insane.

  7. Iva Dalco says:

    Americans why do you put up with a bunch of Liars in the White House! Protest and demand Trump and Session resignations you are the People He will destroy your country

  8. sinash says:

    Here’s the thing; Trump never respected President Obama–a person he has only recently met. Sorry, to all those who might be offended, but it all boils down to the “Black guy” thing. Now, what has Trump in constant conniptions is President Obama’s overwhelming popularity. Just listen to the statement he made at the White House yesterday. To paraphrase; “..like President Obama. When he was here they hated him , but now he’s gone they love him..” This is nothing but pure envy and jealousy on Trump’s part. The “lack of love” that “Trump” is receiving is driving him insane.

  9. Linda Casey says:

    I’m glad Mika looked into the camera and directed that question to Trump himself! No doubt this Tweety-bird president has access to the latest spy material not available to the rest of us and THAT’S how he discovered that ALL of us are being spied upon. What a surprise. Even so, if you live a life of integrity, that shouldn’t bother you. He lies so often that when he finally proves the existence of aliens, nobody will believe him. 😉

  10. John S says:

    All the hackers in the world and you telling me NOBODY has tried hacking Trump’s twitter account? Sad.

  11. Santosh Sookgrim says:

    This show is so refreshing when Joe isn’t there. Mika has the freedom to say what she wants to without getting interrupted or talked over and it seems that the other panelists are also emboldened to speak more freely. Joe seems to constantly attempt to deflect criticism away from Trump towards Bannon, Miller etc only occasionally calling out his flaws.

  12. Trevor Wade says:

    Donald Trump is making a mockery of the US Constitution and is taking the USA down a slippery slope. Every other country in this world is watching and laughing and laughing and laughing…

  13. Latisha Hunt says:

    Mika is a classy woman who hate to say things that need to be said. I’m a african american woman who loves Tupac! She gives lite to all woman of diffrent shades! You represent us very well.

  14. Jr jr. says:

    If his lips are moving, he is lying.

  15. RD Rooster says:

    I can’t wait till they scream lock him up and watch a billionaire
    squirm.When you get caught cheating in any thing you get disqualified
    they all need to get kicked Trump and his team from White House.Trump is
    tearing apart all the things that keep the country running so he can do
    what he see fit in his mind god help us .P.S Mika and Joe good job getting the truth out there.

  16. J Flow says:

    Remember, Trump is smarter than most… We have a mental case for POTUS. To all those who did not vote: you are responsible for this mess.

  17. Brett Jacobson says:

    yet, somehow, over 90% of Republican voters approve of the job he’s doing so far…

  18. Stephen LeGresley says:

    Why is this even a question? When someone says something with absolutely nothing to back it up it’s called lying plain and simple.

    Let’s review the facts:

    1) Trump’s staff had communication with Russian officials and former Russian political allies all through the campaign. And they even removed elements of their campaign platform (Pro-Ukraine policies) due to requests from Russian intelligence agents. Trump lied about this when interviewed and so did his campaign manager, but now the man in charge of crafting their platform says it was Trump who directly told him to alter it to make Russia happy. And is now under FBI investigation.

    2) Russia hacked the DNC and not Trump’s campaign. These attacks were timed to coincide with moments that would do the most harm to the Dems. A former MI6 agent has proof that favors were exchanged with the Trump campaign to secure these hacks.

    3) Trump’s staff continued to have unauthorized communications with Russian officials after the election.

    4) Trump has business interests worth billions dependant on Russia.

    5) Trump has gotten pay offs from Russia.

    6) Since taking office Trump has eased sanctions on Russia and praised Putin and Russia at almost every turn.

    7) Now a Trump appointee has committed perjury over ties to Russia.

    8) The CIA considers Trump a risk to National Security and refuses to give him breifings on sensitive information.

    If we want real action on this, we have to keep pushing daily on it, get out and protest every chance you can, call your member of the senate and congress and tell them if they dont take action on this, they wont get another term. There was far far less evidence against Nixon when he was impeached.

    This is about the safety of America and insuring that we don’t wake up one day to see the Russian flag flying over the white house. This isn’t a joke of something to take lightly. You don’t like Dems? Fine thats your right. You want abortion banned, you want tax cuts? Thats something people can debate about but this is about more then just partisanship.

    This is a time for true loyal and patriotic Americans to rise up and protect their country because it is in very real danger of being betrayed to a violent dictator.

  19. Jason Milton says:

    Morning Joe is So Much Better with just Mika hosting.. Because she is the only one that really calls outs on the corruption and lies from the Trump Regime..  More Morning Mika!!

  20. TheRealBeatMaster says:

    Remember when they had to come out to explain and twist every statement Obama made? Wait, you don’t? Hmm…

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