Mike Brown’s Mom Reacts: You Motherf*%ckers Think This is a Joke

www.RebelPundit.com Mike Brown’s mother reacted to the Grand Jury decision not to indict Officer Darren Wilson, who shot and killed Brown in August.

Lawrence Jones was on the scene for RebelPundit.com

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20 Responses

  1. Lepton says:

    Put that ape back in its cage

  2. Javan uHnah says:

    The comments here are embarrassing. Why are white people so disrespectful?
    No home training.

  3. Nobody Cares says:

    one less nigger to worry about

  4. Michelle Ivey Jordan says:

    So after they burn down their city , please dont move to mine…… 

  5. ricfl10137 says:

    I have no idea where these racist comments are coming from but as a white
    man i am disgusted by them and wish peace to anybody reading this and want
    black people to know that I am with you and not all white people are like
    these trolls posting comments for reactions.

  6. Joel Gonzalez says:

    We with you Bae, effing ratchet ppl!

  7. robert warren says:

    He wasnt no innocent kid He just strong armed a store … wtf is this all
    about … if it was me killing him was uncalled for a shot to the leg does
    wonders be that cop wasn’t wrong point blank 

  8. randall newby says:

    Piece of shit criminals don’t need an excuse to commit crimes. Break into
    some stores and steal some shit you pieces of garbage. You know you don’t
    give a shit about that thug that got killed. He shoplifted from the store
    and picked someone up by the throat when they approached him. Then he
    walked down the middle of the street like an idiot. He got shot because of
    his actions not the police. All of you ignorant racist people out there
    need to save the bullshit. If his parents would have taught him better he
    would be alive today. I blame his parents. Anytime a black person gets
    killed or hurt by a white person they are automatically called racists. But
    if a black kills a white race is never brought up as an issue. Police have
    a dangerous job out there and if it would have been a black police that
    shot him what then. His family would still be blaming the police for their
    thug of a sons death. The world is not black and white, it is wrong and
    right. If you see the world as black and white then you are what is wrong
    with the world.

  9. PDISS says:

    “Fuck the police department! Let’s loot and burn down private businesses
    and residences that have absolutely nothing to do with them!” – Idiot

  10. bigjon10234 says:

    You can take the monkey out of the jungle, but you can’t take the jungle
    out of the monkey! # Savages! 

  11. Derek Peters says:

    It does not matter if you are white black, latino, native or whatever you
    are, If you go after a police officer, attack on him, beat him and then try
    for his gun, then you deserve to get your head blown off, she needs to
    accept that. 

  12. Aeon Break says:

    The autism in this comment section exceeds all expectations.

  13. NdCRants says:

    Most of these comments are disgusting. America is a fucked up place.

  14. Brennie4HOCKEY says:

    dumb ass black people man. This looks more like a failure in our education
    system rather than our justice system.

  15. GOLD BOND says:

    Mike brown put his hands on a old man he was fucking coward and darren
    wilson was his fucking karam.

  16. veronique spence says:


  17. kiara fields says:

    give it to god cause you see what man does with just look at the comments
    … let the tables turn and see how proper calm and together you would be,
    why is race the main focus ?? you think god is looking down like im on the

  18. jacksos101 says:

    Sounds like Brown was in the wrong and the officer was justified in
    shooting him. Kid brought it on himself. And it doesn’t matter that he was
    unarmed. You don’t need a weapon to beat someone to death. He was bigger
    and likely stronger than the officer. Plus how was the officer supposed to
    know he was unarmed. Those kids need to be taught to respect the law, and
    none of this shit would happen.

  19. Caleb Jonson says:

    Ahh. White people acting tough behind a computer. Never gets old.

  20. Malachi Paiz says:

    his son shouldnt be robbing that store