Mike D’Antoni is in a ‘world of trouble,’ could be fired by the Rockets – Stephen A. | First Take

Mike D’Antoni is in a ‘world of trouble,’ could be fired by the Rockets – Stephen A. | First Take

Stephen A. Smith says he would not be surprised if Houston Rockets head coach Mike D’Antoni is replaced after losing to the Golden State Warriors in the Western Conference semifinals.

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100 Responses

  1. leGoat is the best player ever of all timer. says:

    Cappela dont want GSW no more???

    • ModernDay MilkMan says:

      Hi Ali Bruh… how old were you the last time LeBron missed the playoffs ? What were you doing with your life? Exactly

    • Jeffrey Youngblood says:

      Where the hell was Capella???? He didn’t do sh*t in that series.

    • kristopher greenhow says:

      Somregularguy they did in 2017 and won

    • SuperSayianCurry says:

      +Somregularguy awww thanks for reminding me that the warriors are 3-1 against the over-rated choker that cant even make the playoffs in the west lebron James

  2. Michael Thomas says:

    Hope everyone has a great day today

  3. LeeTravius Mckay says:

    “That style of play isn’t going to win the rockets a championship” kobe in February ?

  4. Keandre' Sutton says:

    Rockets lost to a better team ??‍♂️

    • James Hall says:

      +Jay Rock Jinx He won’t step down. Only way he goes is if he’s fired & by how SAS described how mad the owner was, I say he’ll get 1 more year & anything less than a Finals appearance will get him fired.

    • Jay Rock Jinx says:

      James Hall You’re probably right. I don’t have a dog in this fight. Not a fan of Houston but as a Knicks fan I know Mike Dantoni will never take a team to the finals with his coaching. They will run him outta town like LA did.

    • Zachary J says:

      Keandre’ Sutton they also Trash too don’t forget that lol

    • Michael Mason says:

      They lose against them at home though without Durant/Cousins? That’s not a good look

    • Glynn Berry says:

      Everyone acting impressed by what the west allstars was able to do I mean warriors not impressed they got five allstars did what they should do hats off once again to Rockets if Rockets had Anthony Davis and kwahi Leonard oh yeah DeMar Rozen they would sweep the Warriors more impressed with team before Durant and Cousins look at for what it is

  5. LeeTravius Mckay says:

    Rockets: fans this is our best chance

    Steph: hold my 30-4 record without kd

    • Doctor Cthulhu says:

      HTX 713 That one was his, Iggy didn’t deserve that one as much as Steph did that series.

    • Doctor Cthulhu says:

      LeeTravius Mckay Been telling people all year. The only way they don’t win a ring, is if Stephen goes down, and CJ might be just desperate enough to constantly get in his landing space. Fully knowing Steph has bad ankles, Knees, fingers, and toes.

    • Poon King says:

      HTX 713 we all know he should’ve won the FMVP in 2018 not KD

    • Mike S says:

      D’Antoni is far from my favorite head coach, but the REAL reason why the Houston Rockets got eliminated is because of JAMES HARDEN. THE most overrated “superstar” in NBA history, IMO (“honorable” mention to Dwight Howard). “Hero” ball and isolation damn sure isn’t the way to win a NBA championship, and especially as the stakes get higher, Harden almost always shits the proverbial bed. I’ve said it MANY times, James Harden will NEVER, EVER win a championship if a team’s style of play is set up to accommodate his style of play.

    • Jason Carson says:

      +HTX 713 he did most of the carrying the other night….carried y’all right outta the postseason.

  6. j0epark1 says:

    Stephen A is usually right when he doesn’t have any “inside” information

  7. LeeTravius Mckay says:

    The rockets traded Patrick Beverly Lou Williams and Montrezl harrell for cp3

    • All Units Respond says:

      Clippers made a terrific trade, management knew Chris paul not that dude

    • CJ JR says:

      +SamoaVsEverybody_814 ™ 2.0 Exactly…He just evaluates numbers.

    • S Thomas says:

      Then got rid of Trevor Ariza and another good player

    • Lil LG says:

      Who said those guys would’ve played like that under the D’Antoni system? “They would’ve beat GS with them”… Stop living in the moment… They didn’t beat GS when they had them, but all of a sudden they do this year? Just knock it off.

    • lionel howell says:

      yeah!! but chris paul was a handful before he injured that hamstring last year. they had all the chances in the world to still beat golden state last year but missed 27 consecutive shots so let’s not SECOND GUESS WHAT THEY DID IN THAT TRADE!!! but i will say CHRIS TOOK WAY TOO MUCH MONEY AND CRIPPLED THE CAP CAUSING THE LOSS OF ARIZA!!!!!!

  8. Kadeem A. Maxwell says:

    Kevin Durant couldn’t even beat the Warriors without Kevin Durant

  9. Brandon 98 says:

    You can only dribble the ball and do a step back so many times…

    • Jahan Spearman says:

      Yes yes u r so right my brother

    • Htown Lifer says:

      +ZIV E the only problem I have with what you said is that Dantoni does nor prioritize Defensive strategy…Fertitta should be able to see that the “score more than them playing no D” style cannot get you thru a playoff slog againt other NBA players, had 3 yrs to try it, we can stop trying to reinvent the wheel now

    • ZIV E says:

      +Htown Lifer I’m curious what do you think about gsw that actually invented the wheel again in basketball, taking the three point shot and the fast pace to a ridiculous level.. That by the way made the NBA to play zero defense in regular season. Inventing the wheel is not bad if you do it right. Gsw is the proof for that.

      Maybe Houston took the iso 7000 step back further.. on that i can agree, but if they make couple of changes, they would be stronger enough next season

    • Mike taerte says:

      Step back D’Antoni

    • Htown Lifer says:

      +ZIV E Maybe if Houston had 3 guys who could make contested 3s from the parking lot then things maybe would be different

  10. Gwen Poole says:

    The only thing that’s clutch in Houston is the mascot bear lol

  11. Don Maniego says:

    R.I.P Houston Rockets

    “Live by the three, die by the three”

    • apolo kabali says:

      Don…. I dont even know how the fans thought they were going to the championship dance with that coach.

    • Reeal Evans says:

      +apolo kabali most didn’t see his run with the Suns that’s why if they did they wouldn’t have put so much stock in the Rockets.

    • Baws Nitti says:


    • Gary Augustus says:

      Reeal Evans …and the Suns had way better personnel…

    • Htown Lifer says:

      +Chris Kreager they literally have the players who can hit contested 3s from the parking lot…its hard to get an NBA team to that level, no matter who you are drafting, those types of talents are few and far between

  12. Johnson Thomas says:

    Nobody :
    kobe fans : Kobe said this style of play ain’t gonna win a championship

  13. Tj Tucker says:

    I agree. Mike D’Antoni literally has them just shooting 3s 80% of the time and run the ball down the court with 30 seconds left

    • Junior Wizkid says:

      Yeah.. That’s the uptempo offense. Its only useful in All Stars games where defense isn’t necessary

    • Warren Mazengwe says:

      Junior Wizkid – Shooting a bunch of 3 is not the same as an uptempo offense. Rockets are bottom 3 in pace. They average dribbling ťhe ball for 18-20 sec. That is not uptempo offense. Ironically, Houston would probably be better if they did play faster, because their shot selection is so inefficient.
      The main reason Golden State beats them everytime is because Warriors are top 3 in pace and shoot more efficient shots, so most of the time, they get more cracks at the basket at a more efficient rate. Houston just keeps up because of occasionally out rebounding, and a bigger freethrow disparity (mostly by flopping).

    • TheA1God25 says:

      Junior Wizkid UMM that isn’t uptempo offense. The Phoenix suns with Nash ran an uptempo offense. The rockets play at one of the slowest paces in the league & centers their offense around jacking up 3’s & isolation plays after burning 15-20 secs off of the shot clock.

    • iMAJESTiC says:

      That’s what Daryl Morey wants them to do

  14. Justin Figgins says:

    The Rockets’ front office is already typing the “missed foul calls” report to send to the NBA higher ups. Lol.

  15. Jamais says:

    Personally I love hearing that the owner of the team I follow is totally pissed off when they lose. Really resonates with the fans.

    • Michael McMillan says:

      It’s not Mike’s FAULT CP3 and Harden went ?

    • Young Jinzo21 says:

      Jamais I agree. Every other owner is just in it for the money, they really don’t care if their team does well or not. Hell some will jeopardize their own team just to save money. It’s refreshing to see an owner who actually wants to win

  16. The Ethical Pixel says:

    who does espn throw under bus next?
    1) Ben Simmons
    2) Philly Coach
    3) Nuggets Coach

    • T biscuit says:

      +Jay Rock Jinx doesn’t bother me i’m not white or black, just a fact at this point we know the bullshit Stephen A be up to

    • Jay Rock Jinx says:

      T biscuit If Mike Dantoni was black he would’ve bee rail roaded out the NBA already. Yeah he’s trying to get every white coach fired keep telling yourself that if it makes you feel better. What does he have to gain by seeing him fired? Can’t wait to hear your conspiracy theory.

    • essspada64 says:

      The first 2 should be, nothing wrong with nuggets coach here

    • OTT2OWN says:

      Honestly Steven A. throws just about every losing white coach under the bus.

    • OTT2OWN says:

      +Jay Rock Jinx Its blatantly obvious that Steven A. Promotes and favors mostly black coaches. He consistently defends and cries foul when any black coach is fired but he justifies and even alludes and hints to the possibility that certain white coaches should be worried or scared of losing their jobs especially after playoff losses or just 1 bad or mediocre season. He pushes the narrative and definately shows his biased towards the “brothas”.Put any white announcer in his place and reverse the narrative and everyone would be calling him a rascist lol. Fact is Steven A. or any announcer shouldn’t be calling or even elluding to getting coaches in the NBA fired,coaches everywhere get fired on the regular,even after not getting much time to adjust,it’s already a hard enough job without some fool pushing the narrative on mainstream media. It’s not right for someone to try to influence someone into being fired and take away their livelihoods no matter what race they are,I’m sure those organisations can make those decisions for themselves.

  17. mrcooldeadly85 says:

    Curry: You could not live with your own failure, and where did that bring you? Back to me…

    Rockets: …….?

  18. ColtsFan4Life 35 says:

    Tillman was pissed after that game. I agree with everything SAS said. The owner has a fighter’s mentality. I expect some major changes with this team.

  19. K Zamora says:

    Tilman Fertitta: Don’t lose on our home floor!
    D’Antoni: Hold my beer!

  20. Coinraker says:

    I’m sure Max hates the fact that he can’t blame the Rockets losing on CP3 getting hurt…like he’s done nonstop since last year’s WCFs

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