Mike Dudek 16-Yard TD vs. Ball State

Mike Dudek 16-Yard TD vs. Ball State

Chayce Crouch connects with Mike Dudek for a first quarter touchdown against Ball State.

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5 Responses

  1. Dab Daddy Aleks says:

    This shit got 3k views and its number 8 on trending???
    “The YouTube algorithm is unbiased”

  2. hello world! says:

    11 likes. #8 on trending.

    This is why people hate you, Youtube.

  3. NWCrazyFox says:

    Ehh why is this boring vid trending?

  4. Red Bananas says:

    Someone at YouTube must really like Illinois

  5. Hanna-Barbera says:

    15 second unskippable ad for a 36 second video LOL

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