Mila Kunis Sold Unlicensed *NSYNC Merch On eBay – CONAN on TBS

Mila Kunis Sold Unlicensed *NSYNC Merch On eBay – CONAN on TBS

If you bought a knock-off *NSYNC or Backstreet Boys t-shirt on eBay in the early aughts, you may have bought it from Mila and her high school best friend.

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41 Responses

  1. Dianna Halliwell says:

    I’m pretty sure she said girlfriend, not best friend…

  2. Adam Majorcsik says:

    2:41 hahahah

  3. Europa says:

    her head has a very weird shape

  4. Rishabh Gupta says:

    She is cool, like actually cool not the pretend cool.

  5. No Name says:

    Shut up meg!

  6. Ivan toralva says:


  7. White Knight says:


  8. lots ofthings says:

    Lol I can’t relate bc I don’t have friends

  9. $ILVANO says:

    That 70’s Show, what a great show it never gets old!

  10. assixofficial says:

    Her girlfriend treats her like a meg

  11. Jacob JaFlor says:

    Her attitude and sense of humor make her the most beautiful woman alive, besides that heavenly face, of course.

  12. AALWAYS LUCKY says:

    She do really looks like Emma Stone from far.

  13. bananaoil5 says:

    Wish Conan would have asked Mila if she had told Justin Timberlake this or what he thought about this story since they were costars.

  14. JorikPar says:

    Don’t invite any guests that only tell pre-made “funny” stories (so don’t invite any guests at all i guess …). The guest-part of Late-night shows in the US are just bullshit.

  15. bj0rn says:

    Now I’m starting to think she did the Jim Beam ads for free as well.

  16. Haben Gebre says:

    I was at this taping!!! Conan’s biggest fan here!

  17. Jo-Sh 4ever says:

    The caption is bias. BSB isn’t mentioned

  18. Royce Muzic says:

    Mila: We are gonna make so much money selling these shirts!
    Her friend: Shut up Meg!

  19. Game Bred says:

    Teen Titan’s Movie = Mila as Raven

  20. Pro League Material says:

    Why is this even trending

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