Miley Cyrus Busks in NYC Subway in Disguise

Miley Cyrus Busks in NYC Subway in Disguise

Jimmy and Miley Cyrus put on disguises and give a surprise performance of “Jolene” and “Party in the U.S.A.” in the 42nd St. subway station.

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Miley Cyrus Busks in NYC Subway in Disguise

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20 Responses

  1. Gaby Vasquez says:


  2. 1d Memories says:

    Does this mean Hannah Montana is coming back?

  3. Nicholas Borg says:

    Hannah went to her *roots*

  4. Mayara Freitas says:

    Miley looks gorgeous as a brunette

  5. Sharon Zurcher says:

    this is why I need to live in NYC, who knows what you’d see..or who. this is so cool

  6. Crippling Depression says:

    I think everyone knew because of Miley’s distinct voice but I bet people were like what’s this weird guy dancing for? Until they found out. 😂

  7. Peppe Sinfh says:

    this generation is so fucked up. try to enjoy the show instead of watching it through your smartphones.

  8. rebecca freire says:

    jimmy looks like billy ray

  9. Mz. Phatbaldkat says:

    Jimmy was working the hell outta that tambourine😀

  10. Natalie Bean says:

    Lol, those disguises were so obvious, but I think that was kinda the point.

  11. Nina says:

    Can this be a thing now 😭 take those willing to busk in the subway

  12. Dr. Umeima Dahir says:

    Omg I wish i was there😣

  13. Gà Yêu Đời says:

    Hannah Montana reveals her identity in the subway.

  14. Ruby Larios says:

    Can’t fool me again I know it’s you under that wig Miley

  15. Adie Stone says:

    I think it’s pretty obvious that’s Miley.

  16. libby davis says:

    I’m sorry but this is literally the plot of Hannah Montana

  17. lilah long says:

    Talk about a free little concert…

  18. Sir Bob says:

    Jimmy looks like Miley’s dad with the disguise 😀

  19. DeeJayCee says:

    And EVERYBODY in the subway just happens to know EVERY word of the song lol

  20. Amy M says:

    Lmaoo trust me those people knew it was Miley, the best buskers in the world can’t draw a crowd like that in an NYC subway

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