Miley Cyrus – Malibu (Official Video)

Miley Cyrus – Malibu (Official Video)

“Malibu” by Miley Cyrus available now on iTunes:
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19 Responses

  1. Heavyn Smith says:

    she sings more country than taylor swift ever did ?

  2. MileyCyrusVEV0 says:

    *Thanks for let us reach 9.1M family of subs we have gifts for our viewers*:
    *Thank you all!*

  3. Naz Anuar says:

    i just wish i could hug her and smoke pot together 🙂

  4. lords amen says:

    this is the sign…. initiate her sad!

  5. Rich Amaya says:

    I love how she constantly reinvents herself ugh I adore her so much

  6. Justin Bleber says:


  7. ZxxoxzxxY says:

    woooow is simply perfect~ I love the song!

  8. Mỹ Lan Math says:

    her vocalisations at ~2:45 reminded me of lana del rey

  9. Idanhe Lora says:

    I actually love this song???

  10. Raquel Hervias says:

    she sings this to Liam ♥

  11. Niiyell Johnson says:

    I actual love this song.? Welcome back Miley??

  12. Aditi Patel says:

    I love the song so much and it is amazing and awesome and it makes me so happy ?

  13. musicmyth says:

    This song is euphoric. ❤
    Is it just me or has her voice/vocal cords sound different within the last few years?

  14. Nuria Bravo Ortiz says:

    this is so good and she looks gorgeous

  15. Alexis Rodriguez says:

    THIS IS SUCH A BOP. So so proud Miley good job!

  16. Yoncé Did It says:

    Really beautiful song. I applaud you Miley

  17. jbb says:

    i need her to make some more shit like “Party in the USA”

  18. Isabella ! says:

    She has nice boobs I’m jealous.

  19. Gustavo Hernandez says:

    Where is the Miley Cyrus? I see the girl beautifull.

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