Miley Cyrus “Malibu” PARODY! The Key of Awesome #122

Miley Cyrus “Malibu” PARODY! The Key of Awesome #122

Has Miley cleaned up her act or will she turn Malibu into “Miley-bu”?
Behind The Scenes:
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Written by Mark Douglas, Nick Mangione and Doug Larsen

Miley Cyrus – Chelsea Frei
Noah Cyrus – Kristin Taylor
Billy Ray Cyrus – Mark Douglas
Liam Hemsworth – Doug Larsen

Directed by Mark Douglas
Edited by Doug Larsen and Greg Murtha
DP – Bob Geile
AD – Doug Larsen
Producer – Lisa Solimeo
Props and Costumes – Cara Alpert
Hair and Makeup – Caroline Baribeau
BTS Camera – Greg Murtha
PA – Mel Spiegel

Miley Cyrus vocals recorded by Anastasia Douglas
Noah, Billy Ray Cyrus & Liam Hemsworth vocals record by Mark Douglas
Music produced by EMW Music Group
Mixed and Mastered by Anthony Galindo at EMW Studios NYC

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20 Responses

  1. John Gosling says:

    Quality video. She did a great Miley.

  2. Erica Fabulous says:

    very funny. cute new Miley… roots are not nearly as bad. Love noah so much she’s funny .

  3. JeMoederOpEenBakfiets says:

    Eh… I feel like the old Miley was better but oh well.

  4. Cyden Kat's FPS says:

    I thought Miley was promoting a car called a Malibu… It looks like a car commercial

  5. Poodle . Corp says:

    I’m the guy that only watches the parodys but not the original video.

  6. Alexander Okak says:

    No one here has seen the whole video

  7. Sarah Graham says:

    Love the parody, just wish the southern accents weren’t so overdone, it takes away from it for me

  8. Lizzie's World says:

    Nice guys! But too little lip biting. That video had SO much gross lip biting it made me so uncomfortable!

  9. Eve The Unicorn says:

    Would have been much better without Noah’s odd voice. Not hate, just constructive criticism

  10. Punitha says:

    The voice is SO accurate holy shit! With closed eyes, it sounds 100% like miley Cyrus

  11. The Key of Awesome says:

    Does this beach look familiar? Don’t miss the Behind The Scenes:

  12. Abby Browning says:

    HAHA who played Noah Cyrus, she was hilarious.

  13. givememore4free says:

    Funny how Coney Island in New York looks like Malibu

  14. Natalie Elizabeth Nello Vela says:

    Do “Bon appétit” by Katy Perry.

  15. Kimber Martinez says:


  16. Christian Scott says:

    I’m glad that mark was in this video he’s hilarious

  17. K-smile Channel says:

    1:09 seriously?You guys aren’t funny at all

  18. its time to have fun everyone says:

    the song makes no seanse but it is funny

  19. Apost30 says:

    Is this supposed to be funny?

  20. Ornella Fermi says:

    Jajaja la que hace de Noah xDDD Morí 😂😂😂

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