Miley Cyrus on “Hannah Montana”

Miley Cyrus on “Hannah Montana”

In this web extra, Miley Cyrus talks about being in the Disney universe as star of the show “Hannah Montana,” and offers some wise words to kids.

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29 Responses

  1. Ryan McCuistion says:

    Trending with 2.4k views… πŸ€”

  2. katee mid says:

    DisneyWorld = PedoWorld

  3. meemedmania says:

    Why is this trending

  4. Rani Saleh says:

    2.5k views and trending

  5. Mark Song says:

    Nobody cares about you

  6. DonYelle and Diana says:

    wise words from hannah montana

  7. Joshua Carrillo says:

    How tf is this trending with 2k views

  8. AKANAS says:

    Lmfao CBS busted for buying into trends.

  9. Heyy Now says:

    She sounds like a 80 year old cigarette smoker.

  10. Kastmaster 2000 says:

    Treanding @14 with 2500 views? YouTube doing a great job of shoving their junk down are throats

  11. userName says:

    “That’s a lot to put on a kid, them having to go get their make up done”

    Oh you poor thing, i feels soo sorry for you, the 10’s of millions you made from Hannah Montana uhh, your life is so sad.

    • Charziken909 says:

      u cut off the quote to make give your insult some leverage…

      and her life is sad??? hahahahah

      you are hilariously dumb xD

    • Janana says:

      First of all… Problems exist for every single person on this planet. And while they may be small, they might have an immense impact on the person. For instance, the make up example. Sounds stupid from far away. But these are children. And children who haven’t suffered through worse problems. This could be the worse thing in their life. Seems like, “grow up kid”. But…without any other issues to compare it to, how can we determine the psychological damage it has done? It’s like the saying, “is my blue yours too?” Because similar experiences can have different effects on us. And though we KNOW that there’s no reason to be sad because we should be grateful, it does NOT prevent us from depression, sadness, and loss; an overall arching theme of all of humanity.

    • Turquoise Cheetah says:

      But at the cost that she lost her teenage years…. Still a pretty sweet deal though haha

  12. Clorox Bleach says:

    I drank myself when Miley cut her hair short

  13. CouragePope says:

    How does it feel to get raped by jews

  14. Minestein129 says:

    Many people seem confused about why this is trending. Chances are, cbs paid YouTube to put this video on the trending page. Considering the fact that it contains a celebrity, YouTube probably thought that it would rapidly grow which in turn would give them a lot of ad revenue.

  15. Saintly Halo says:

    Lizzie Mcquire (Hillary Duff) still the queen of Disney.

  16. GoodGamerJosh says:

    Wait they are the same person?!????!!!

  17. Sjj Lemon says:

    Whats wrong with her VOICE????!!!!!

  18. Detroit Mi Dunkin says:

    It’s nothing but pedophiles in the Disney world. #Sick

  19. Joro Gaming says:

    I visited Montana once and only met a few hannahs

  20. Chetna Mandurai says:

    yeS THe TrEndiNG TaB WorkS JUsT FiNE!

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