MILO Addresses The UC Berkeley Riots

MILO Addresses The UC Berkeley Riots

Live from my safe space!


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20 Responses

  1. Software says:

    i think that people are fed up by trump and you represent him in some weird
    way. i love you, milo, but i think that right now is just a weird time

  2. Michael KnightRider says:

    Well they got what they wanted. Nazis

  3. Folfy says:

    He didn’t even get a chance to speak! what sparked the riot was Moveon. org

  4. Radspakr Wolfbane says:

    Every day they get more violent and their rhetoric is amping up.
    I’m not liking where this is going.

  5. jack lock says:

    There is no excuse for squelching free speech. This is not supposed to
    happen in this country. This is terrorism.

  6. R Hawk says:

    Sorry your the same guy who mocked a transgender student, stated women are
    the cancer of the world, moderate muslims need to be wiped out from the
    face of earth, and all minorities are evil. Mind my language but shut the
    fuck up. No need to make a speech here because there isn’t going to be an
    intelligent debate here.

  7. asenath7766 says:

    Thank you for all that you do for free speech, Milo. Straight white men
    should be thanking you too, because if you as a gay white man, speaking up
    for all men, aren’t allowed to speak, we know a straight white male being
    as outspoken as you would not have survived. The leftists have lost their
    minds. I just hope there is no civil war, because I don’t want to live in a
    military state or sent to a FEMA camp.

  8. Jo Lisa Dukarić (Jo Walsh) says:

    ha ha ha I hope someone sets this fascist cunt on fire soon. UP ANTIFA!
    Fuck shit up!

  9. Mark Brown says:

    Look at the way he looks out of the window at the head of the clip. What a
    fucking narcissist.

  10. Q Vet says:

    I’m so sorry this happened to you Milo. God is in control and he is
    elevating you to new heights of influence! We luv you n pray for u daily

  11. Sandy Candy says:

    i hate fox news and breibart, and do not agree with many republican
    values… but as a progressive, i think you should have been able to
    perform last night. i believe in free speech and i do think that PC has
    gotten out of control.

  12. K Caston says:

    Eventually the right wingers will have no further use of u and sure as
    you’re born will kill you. I don’t celebrate that but u asked for it and u
    will get it. Some republican will shove a double barrell shot gun a foot &
    a half up your ass and pull the trigger. They’ll probably do the same thing
    in your mouth. Enjoy those final few moments of pleasure because afterward
    your world will literally explode.

  13. King Brutal says:

    I certainly hope Trump guts their federal funding.

  14. ezyfnef says:

    Shut up FAG. Right wing FAG hahahaha

  15. Proud2bGreek1 says:

    The Greek media mentioned the incident and you today, and of course they
    lied through the entire report of it. You are apparently a Greek American
    and not British Greek, you are far right and of course racist due to it
    according to them and you have attacked that black fat actress on a
    personal level that got you banned from twitter, instead of saying what
    actually happened that you humorously commented on her appearance on that
    ghostbusters movie she took part in.

    They also mentioned the riots caused by leftists to shut your speech down
    but no real criticism towards them, according to the controlled mainstream
    media they were just so horrified and oppressed by your absurd demand to
    exercise your freedom of speech that they justly rioted and destroyed
    public property. It makes me sick to listen to mm propaganda.

  16. Nickolas Killigula S says:

    Yeah, you’re a REAL threat to students safety… I mean what if you start
    knocking out the black male students, and sucking their dicks? That would
    be awful for everyone!

  17. sibeliandrift says:

    Give the left enough rope…. they always hang themselves in the end.

  18. Andres Garcia Saenz says:

    When you’re going to insult a group or an individual you’ll get the same
    reaction back. So stop crying when people stand up against your hate.

  19. swagatude freeman says:

    you’re a real one milo

  20. Napoleon Blown Apart says:

    I propose that we simply drop the Anti from “Antifa” and just start calling
    them “Fa” since that’s what they actually are. #AntifaIsJustFa