Milo at Orlando Shooting Site

Milo at Orlando Shooting Site

Milo appears at 12:00 into the video.

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20 Responses

  1. Logan Grauberger says:

    Yes, you’re right! My eight year old should bring an AR -15 to school
    incase someone tries to steal his Pokémon cards! All of our problems are
    solved! And I’m so glad his teacher brought his 50 cal to class today, just
    in case something might go down…

  2. Matt van den Ham says:

    It was the fucking Left that fought for gay and human rights you fucking
    twat! Conservatives only recently came around to accepting gays because the
    laws forced them to. Milo needs to Google the definition of conservatism in
    the states and realize that they aren’t the party with his interests in
    mind. He’s clearly being paid to run his fuck hole. He takes the battle to
    Islam but doesn’t say a fuckin word about Christianity–what a piece of

  3. Malek says:

    Go Fuck yourself literally !! You’re not the first to attack islam 😉 You
    will not be the last #FuckingScumbag

  4. Danny Zuko says:

    do not wear headphones

  5. ChrispyCremes says:

    The only reason why I can’t get behind this is because the idea of anyone
    having a Gun at any time is rather scary. We will see an increased number
    in shootings for sure. If you can normally walk around with a gun, Wouldn’t
    that become peoples go-to in anger? I would fear pissing anyone off in the
    slightest because they just might end my life with a Gun. Worst part being
    – They get off on self-defense. The ability to have Guns on everyone will
    escalate many situations that we don’t want escalated…

    This is like when Alcohol was illegal for problems like Drunk driving and
    causing you to do stupid things. Although some times, People use it
    anyways. It definitely wasn’t as dramatic as what it is now.

  6. FLAT 4 Rumble says:

    We cannot let them take away our 2nd Amendment
    We absolutely need a civilian militia as a backup and help to our military.
    We need to protect AMERICA especially while many are overseas or may be
    going overseas soon.
    The left don’t seem to know what a militia even is. They think it is our

    a military force that is raised from the civil population to supplement a
    regular army in an emergency.
    a military force that engages in rebel or terrorist activities, typically
    in opposition to a regular army.
    all able-bodied civilians eligible by law for military service.

  7. awd awddaw says:

    ALLAH AKBAR praise Allah the great i will cleanse America and kill all the
    infidels! allahu Akbar praise be upon the prophet. your women are my slaves
    and your pathetic Gays will be thrown off a Building . praise be upon him
    salam قتل كل الكفار في سبيل الله islam forever !!!


    What an immoral opportunist. Using a national catastrophe to spread his
    donors Islamophobia to the brain-washed masses.

  9. Factivist says:

    Milo you need to look into the story more, you’re just cherry picking at
    like every other media person to make it fit your already decided agenda.
    Why won’t you address the fact that he was likely gave himself? He was on
    gay dating sites and was actually a regular at the club that he shot up.
    Was he angry at gays because his religion told him to be? Or was he
    suffering from Identity Crisis and hatred of himself and taking it out on
    others because he did not want to be gay? Was he actually Muslim? Because
    he drank and was on gay dating sites… Doesn’t really strike me as a
    devout Muslim. Also comma citing statistics of what people say in a survey
    is misleading. Almost all surveys are set up to point towards the answer
    they are seeking, by the way the questions are worded. I would want to see
    how the survey that was given to the Muslims was worded, secondly someone
    feeling like being gay is unacceptable is very very different than them
    thinking it’s okay to act out violently against them and cause them harm. I
    think that being a loud obnoxious annoying person is unacceptable, but I
    just avoid those people I would never cause them harm. The important
    question to ask Muslims as whether or not they support what happened in
    Orlando, and I think he would find that the overwhelming majority would say
    that it was absolutely not ok. also globally speaking statistically, it’s
    kind of hard to believe that the overwhelming majority of Muslims hate gays
    and anyone who isn’t Muslim and want to cause them harm and violence,
    simply because there are billions and billions of Muslims… More Muslims
    than any other religion, so statistically speaking there should be way more
    terrorism happening in the name of Islam than there is. When bad Terror
    attacks do happen, depending on the region of the world, they tend to be
    done by Muslims, but the overwhelming majority of Muslims are not involved
    in terrorism… What does support the theory that it is radicalized or
    extremist Muslims who are doing the terrorism. Also, you’re not considering
    different factors for how complicated some of these scenarios are…
    correlation is not causation. It makes sense that people who are from
    poverty-stricken war-torn violent areas where people have PTSD and are all
    f***** up because of what they have been exposed to would be involved in
    violence and terrorism later on… It’s a vicious cycle. Are they like this
    because they are Muslim? Or are they like this because of the region of the
    world they grew up in and they also happen to be Muslim? I’m not sure
    anyone has actually got there the data on this. Children who are raised in
    homes that were violent are much more likely to be violent as adults…
    Would it be accurate to say that it’s Christianity that’s contributing to
    this if we’re talking about American children, since the most popular
    religion in America is Christianity? If you’re going to be logically
    consistent, then you would need to say yes. But it probably had nothing to
    do with their Christian upbringing, it had to do with the violence they
    were exposed to in their household. You’re smarter than this Milo, use your
    brain and think more critically… You’re approaching it from a very dumb
    to Downtown Disney Good vs Evil perspective.

  10. Dominique Roy says:

    I can honestly say that I have never seen a gun pull its own trigger.

  11. Gary wood says:

    I’m glad Milo mentioned Trudeau at the 40:55 mark because that bogus
    refugees he brought in from Syria are causing a spike in crime in many
    places they parachute into , plus some of their male children and beating
    up girls in the school which the school now denies.
    One muslim kid threatened to behead another boy during the recess soccer
    game . this too the school denied but they posted to notice that the Soccer
    during recess is now cancelled .
    In 1989 and muslim named Gamil Gharabi was raised with a strict sharia
    father from Algeria that used to beat his mother and speak of women like
    they are chattel . The muslim was a student at a Montreal school that
    allowed women in the trades and Engineering classes which he saw as taking
    job from muslims men while these women should be an home having babies.
    Gamil entered the school one evening with a riffle and hand gun and his
    list of 20 female students he wanted to execute . He knew what class rooms
    they were in and freely walked through the halls to those rooms to shoot
    all 20 and them him self by the Jihad suicide mission as stated in the
    letter he left .
    In this case it was the feminists on campus that got 14 murdered and 6
    maimed for life. The feminists would bash all the male students from the
    day they enrolled to tell them how violent and abusive they are from birth
    to be misogynists , then they were told to suppress your anger and urge to
    act out and harm people .
    Fine….. but when Gamil entered the class rooms he told the male students
    that he was there to kill the only the women and they were free to leave .
    Since they didn’t want to be violent and harm people ….they LEFT and the
    shooting began , he did this in the next class room and some males chose to
    The males that stayed did squat when Gamil stopped to reload because
    feminists told them they were too violent from birth and must control them
    self . Gamil also stated in his suicide letter that he wanted to punish
    Canada for offending allah by letting women get an education to take jobs
    from men.

    The media refused to report the link to islam and sharia so the feminists
    hijacked the slaughter to fuel their misandry and blame 49% of the
    population that are males for what this muslim did .
    Naomi Klein was the first useful-idiot to be inspire to be a feminist and
    crusade to stop the violence against women while thinking this had nothing
    to do with islam . Women’s groups stepped up to the public trough for
    funding to bash males and spew lies while using fake data as evidence they
    are needed and need MORE funding.

    In Orlando it was the Liberal progressive SJW and democrats that got those
    49 gay killed and 40+ wounded by their denial over islamic homophobia and
    the big LIE that 99.99% of muslims reject violence and are peaceful.
    In Montreal back in 1989 it was the feminists that got those 14 female
    students killed because they de-balled the males to be passive and reject
    violence so the males in the hallways and classes watched this jihadists do
    his killing spree.
    The campus security wasn’t allowed to carry guns so they sat back and call
    9-1-1 to wait for the Police that merely took the report of 14 dead and 6

    Obama and his gun-free zones are getting blacks killed that can’t afford to
    own a gun for the home , this also makes it unsafe for the single mothers
    and their children.

    Milo should come up to canada and visit the Board Room to talk to the
    idiots in suits at the Bank Of Montreal that had their PRIDE policy to
    support the PRIDE parade during the 5 years that a pro-hamas jew-hating
    group march in the parade while over in gaza hamas was murdering gays and
    using women as suicide bombers in those 5 years .
    I tried to warn the Bank of the homophobia and that islamists one day will
    be attacking gays bars and the PRIDE parade once these useful idiots have
    fulfilled their purpose for islam .
    They ignored me like some islamphobe , so 5 years later in Florida a
    pro-sharia muslim slaughter 50 gays in a club that had mostly gay patrons.

    Corporation don’t give an F*** about the gays causes, they want their money
    so they fly the rainbow flag and donate to pride parades for the Corporate
    image or they know that they may be victims of financial terrorism for NOT
    support gay causes .

  12. PureMind says:

    Who started the First World War? Muslims??

    Who started the Second World War? Muslims??

    Who killed about 20 millions of Aborigines in Australia? Muslims??

    Who sent the nuclear bombs of Hiroshima and Nagasaki? Muslims??

    Who killed more than 100 millions of Indians in North America? Muslims??

    Who killed more than 50 millions of Indians in south America? Muslims??

    Who took about 180 millions of African people as slaves and 88% of them
    died and was thrown in Atlantic Ocean? Muslims??

    Who Killed 8,000 Muslims in Srebrenica? Muslims??

    Who ignored hundreds of UN Resolutions condemning raids on Palestinians?

    No , They weren’t Muslims!!! First of all, You have to define terrorism
    properly… If a non-Muslim do something bad.. it is crime. But if a Muslim
    commits the same.. he is a terrorist ?! …

  13. Terarex92 says:

    I think this video particularly the “Kiss Heard Round The World” puts
    priorities into perspective here. And as the Regressive Left consumes
    itself and increasingly ostracizes those who are “only” gay, the Right will
    welcome them with open arms. Because while we have/had some loonies, most
    of us were willing to accept differences and be tolerant for the same goal
    – to end the repression and regression of a huge element of the Left wing
    and those who threaten American and Western values as a whole.

  14. Chrystal E says:

    πολύ καλά Milo, your reasoning is classically superb.

  15. Don Corleone says:


  16. Shinichi Tekaru says:

    lol, gavin

  17. jerrydoubleu says:

    milo is a piece of shit

  18. Adeni says:

    Is it really that hard to stop Islam/Muslims??? This is the 15th year that
    I still hearing that “We will bomb them!!! We will stop them!!” and nothing
    happens and Islam/Muslims growing more and more!!!

  19. Sergio Sidransky says:

    milo,you are seriously going to get assassinated along with trump and many
    for speaking the truth and the truth only

  20. Jester says:

    Milo why is the audio so bad in all the videos 🙁 hire me and I will make
    your audio quality great again!