Milo Yiannopoulos FULL Press Conference 2/21/17

Milo Yiannopoulos FULL Press Conference 2/21/17

RSBN is there LIVE and will bring you exclusive coverage of Milo Yiannopoulos’ Press Conference in New York. Pre-show begins at 2PM ET, Press Conference starts at 3PM ET.

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20 Responses

  1. WeHaveToWakeUP says:

    Is “literally” the new favorite word of morons? It’s not even that you use it more than you use it incorrectly. All the time and 500 times a day. Stop. Just stop.

  2. KevTCC says:

    How could there be any split at all? Watch the videos of him talking. They are not “creatively edited.”

    I feel terrible for the guy because he is damaged and needs help. That being said all the people who felt their views legitimized because a very clever homosexual man was able to express them forcefully ought to perhaps be more invested in the principles than the personalities.

  3. This Comment is Correct says:

    No comments on the real content here? He said he was witness to crimes against children, sights that “beggared belief” of “older men” drugging and “having unprotected sex” with “very young boys”. He emphasized the very. He said he saw these things at Hollywood parties held by VIPs of “Bryan Singer’s stature.” THAT is the real story here. He must be put under oath. HE CAN NAME NAMES. The fact that he was a victim himself, if anything, obligates him at the highest moral level to speak up. #AnOpenSecret

  4. pr35ton84 says:

    VIVA MILO! next chapter stronger than the first

  5. metallitech says:

    Uh oh, Milo is wearing glasses; he must be in deep shit.

  6. KEK PBUH says:

    Why am I having GamerGate flashbacks…?

  7. TruthCode says:

    That was one of the most effective defusing of a powder-keg situation I’ve EVER seen. I am in total awe.

    Milo is one smooth mthrfkr.

  8. signofjonah34 says:

    God raised up Trump but needed to HUMBLE HIM along the way. Now look at his fruit. Excellent!
    Milo was also raise up by God (Against Islam) and he has now BEEN HUMBLED! Stand-By for the new Milo… 🙂
    God is in total control as everything goes out of control! He desires us to REPENT and serve Him.
    When Islam wins, God’s wrath begins to save Israel! These guys are both serving God to slow the process, like Salt!

  9. Ms. Liz says:

    It’s all so droll until you lose your job…then WAAAAAAaaaaaaaaaa I’m a victim!

  10. carolcheny says:

    Long time Milo supporter. When he said to child sex abuse “it simply isn’t the worst thing that will ever happen to you. Going bankrupt is worse.”only 20 minutes after he apologized to other child rape victims. I’m about done with him.

    This coward should have spoken for himself instead and say, “I’m so scared of bankruptcy right now, it feels worse than what’s done to me when I was 13.” cuz that would be bravery he doesn’t have.

  11. John Galt says:

    Democrats and their forces in the corporate media are the champions of personal attacks and smears. They are a threat to America and need to be dealt with as such.

  12. Harold Gibson Jr says:

    Milo left brightbart

  13. flashfyre says:

    Good to see the man standing proud and erect as he pushes his way through the clenching grip of the liberal media.

  14. jeff4justice says:

    I always thought it was odd how Milo looked like a “5 years on meth” poster while knocking the looks of other people. Apparently it was the manifestation of self hated all along.

  15. Former Gay says:

    You got abused and that is why you became gay. It messed you up, as homosexuality always does, no matter how it starts in our lives. It gives a dark mind, unsettled life and no peace. Never peace. I hope you will get well, especially since you say you are a Catholic, which means that you believe in Jesus. He healed me, He can heal you too!

  16. Hailey Padgett says:

    Milo is peddling sodomy and SAINTS should condemn him. Milo is out of hell. Parents, watch your boys.

  17. Tom's Adventures says:

    He messed up his life.

  18. KatanNamedSimon says:

    _R_ _A_ _P I_ _S_ _T_

  19. Jared Higdon says:

    this was a coordinated attack

  20. Aidan Fox says:

    I love and respect you, keep fighting for our rights!

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