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39 Responses

  1. Leilany D says:

    2:55 I have to wear glasses so I was watching this vid without them and I put the phone a little bit in front of me and already saw her ???

  2. Lorenzo Plancarte says:

    Lia: today is a test of the mind
    Me: {_/}

  3. Silver Donut says:

    I take my glass off and I see her when I put my glass back on I see Einstein

  4. Anna Riak says:

    Some how this video helped me with my home work
    It’s weird hu

  5. it me Lot who LOVEs animation ;p says:

    in that red glitter place the number is
    571 🙂

  6. Koki Okano says:

    Mind test: the plates are upside down
    Me: wait whattt? I only see right side up :/

  7. Sarah xD says:

    Lia: plates-flip
    Me: im dying :))

  8. Ashley Miner says:

    I watched this late at night… now my brain hurts??

  9. ItzRoki PvP says:


    Lia: What do you see?

    Me: World Trade Center.

  10. Hello Everyone says:

    1. I saw the number 571
    2. First I saw Einstein then when I skipped back I saw Marilyn Monroe

  11. LittleLovelyLauren12 says:

    I can’t be the only one who got out of bed and walked across the room to see the Albert Einstein pic

  12. bella playz says:

    I walked back from my computer screen and still saw Einstein sooo ://

  13. DARJA MAKARI says:

    I wish i could smell these crayons but my mom was cooking

  14. Victor Kimani says:

    That paper shit had me saying “NANI??”

  15. moonlight in my head says:

    the moving maze doesn’t work for me IS THERE SOMETHING WRONG WITH MY EYES?

  16. BvsicLeah MSP says:

    I am beautiful

    You said it,it’s true! You are beautiful ☺️❤️

  17. iiiAmi Potatoo says:

    7-second riddles called you out in a video (so in the title) please react to it!

    like that she can see it or not

  18. Khalil Mohammadzai says:

    Want a cookie
    It cost a like!

  19. Panagiotis Kostakos says:

    The plates were never upside down its just the shadowing efect :/

  20. Abby Lemmons says:

    For the number I see 571
    ?like if that’s what you see!!

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