Mindy Kaling Liked Stephen’s Baby Gift… But Not As Much As Oprah’s

Mindy Kaling Liked Stephen’s Baby Gift… But Not As Much As Oprah’s

‘A Wrinkle in Time’ star Mindy Kaling tells Stephen she appreciates the gift he got her baby. Just not as much as she appreciates the gift Oprah got her baby.

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43 Responses

  1. Tamara Thompson says:

    Mindy is awesome . 🙂

  2. Hemant Bubna says:

    She roasted stephen abt the gift. 😂😂

  3. New Message says:

    better ‘I’m thinking of you’ than ‘I’m watching you’.

    At least, that’s what the restraining order would suggest.

  4. Helen Patterson says:

    Hope mom starts reading out loud from those books early on to Catherine.

  5. New Message says:

    Her husband, Mr. Who, obviously had his mid regeneration crisis, left her and his medical practice, to travel through time and solve mysteries in Britain with a ‘companion’.

  6. Channel for Positivity l Understanding l Justice says:

    She gave cars to her audience
    She gave *that* to her colleague
    Imagine all she gives to her loving friends and family xD

    • Chad Cain says:

      Virtues are great and significantly lacking in office but ought not to be the only prerequisites to the most power position in the country..

    • AJ Roma says:

      Chad Cain what are you talking about? Oprah’s not running for office

    • imms r. says:

      Such thoughtful and tasteful gifts.

    • Chad Cain says:

      AJ Roma obviously…. more relevant though is will she be running for office? And that was what I was speaking to. It’s not is she running but rather ought she run.. Whether she does or doesn’t your guess is as good as anyone’s..

    • AJ Roma says:

      Chad Cain she’s not running. She said it how many times already?

  7. jujuandjesus says:

    Two of America’s great funny people.

  8. knappflickan says:

    Mindy is so wonderful to listsn to 😊

  9. Harvey Specter says:

    Stephen was quite excited & proud to explain that he & his wife got her the gift from Charleston, his hometown as a special personalized thought for her to just say I don’t like it.

    • Karina Gutierrez says:

      AJ Roma It sounds like they weren’t trying to say that Stephen’s gift was more thoughtful but that it was thoughtful nonetheless and that the thought should be appreciated. 🙂

    • Danielle Spargo says:

      They were just joking around, obviously no one thinks they’re going to get a better gift than Oprah. The lady’s a billionaire. I think she liked the gift, and the whole interaction was really cute.

    • Danielle Spargo says:

      Yeah, as someone said before, they’re both comedians. They were just taking friendly jabs at each other, that’s how friends joke around. I felt you could really tell how much they liked each other from this bit. Keep in mind she’s an actress, so probably was a theatre geek growing up, i think she sincerely thought it was cool to dress up at 19th century Titanic passengers. You guys are overthinking this. It was a really cute segment all around.

    • Saitama Trash says:

      Harvey Specter she never once said she didn’t like. Wtf. She said she liked Oprah’s one far more.

    • Manshil Misra says:

      It’s a godamm gag. Most talk show interviews are structured around pre-obtained information and a general agreement to talk about what they think will come off interesting and funny.

  10. Charles C says:

    Crossing the titanic..?

  11. Dexter B says:

    “Happy Birthday, here’s your castle.” – Oprah

  12. s21972012145525 says:

    Omg, Stephen’s gift is adorable! 😍 The fact that he even knows what his wife picked out says a lot about how much he cares.

  13. s21972012145525 says:

    Wonder who was the father and why her pregnancy was so secretive. Also She looks better post Preggo! Doesn’t even look like she has a 2monthbold!

    • Marina Kh says:

      And of course she owes you an explanation of who the father of her child is, and we ALL care DEEPLY about your opinion about how this woman’s body looks. Thank you so much!

  14. Justin O'Brien says:

    I hope one of those books is “A Wrinkle in Time”.

  15. Queen AnG says:

    Love the doll but why is it a stick figure. They have started making curvy barbies so why can’t they pay homage to her body.

  16. itcametothis says:

    How cool is it that Oprah can now say “I’m friends with Mindy Kaling!”?

  17. Vi Haze says:

    What is it with the obsessive Oprah plugging by every person on every show at the moment? Don’t get me wrong, I love Oprah, but all this hype her friends are giving her over the possibility of a 2020 presidential run is ridiculous. How about you promote (and elect) someone who’s actually qualified, instead of another TV star?

  18. Danielle Spargo says:

    Aweeee, this was such a good segment!! I love how Stephen lights up when he talks about his kids, you can tell he’s just an incredible father. I just loved the dynamic between you two when you were talking about Oprah’s gifts, i laughed so hard xD

  19. Tara Estelle Adelizzi says:

    The description of the bookcase made me cry

  20. Parida Snapesnapesnape says:

    Stephen: “do you believe in voodoo?”
    Me: *I’m not superstitious, but I am a little stitious*

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