Minecraft 1.17 Snapshot 21w07a Grimstone & New Ore Generation

Minecraft 1.17 Snapshot 21w07a Grimstone & New Ore Generation

Minecraft 1.17 The Caves & Cliffs Update Playlist ► https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL7VmhWGNRxKixIX8tWEQn-BnYKE9AaAXk
Minecraft 1.17 snapshot 21w07a brings about new ore generation and a new block… grimstone! It comes in tiles, polished and brick varieties.

Minecraft 1.17 Snapshot 21w06a New Cave Generation & World Height Increased!


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00:00 Intro
00:42 Grimstone Added!
02:18 Mining & Grimstone Generation
03:57 Cave Generation Changes
05:36 Ore Texture Change
06:55 New Ore Generation
10:03 Other Changes
11:18 Bugs & Outro

#minecraft #grimstone #cliffsandcaves

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87 Responses

  1. xisumavoid says:

    EDIT : My thoughts on this snapshot – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7JSaE0zJDAs
    FYI Ive since discovered a couple things:
    Infested stone generated in pockets of the grimstone below Y0
    Ore shapes/clusters seem to be the same 🙂

    • Fettegurke says:

      @Siddhartha Bhattacharjee It’s probably intentional with the bedrock like texture tho.

    • Mr. Squid says:

      @BigPanda98 _YT I know but i just want REALLY big Mountains also you have to smelt grimstone just like regular stone to get grimstone bricks

    • Sag ich nicht Sowieso nicht says:

      i played 2w07a myself and i don’t like how every 3rd cave i come accross is completly waterlogged, without airpockets, completly waterlogged, if this makes it into the final update i will look for mods to removed these waterlogged caves.

    • DragonBro_ says:

      i dont realy like the new ore textures i think they looked better before

    • KymeraAHP says:

      @BigPanda98 _YT I don’t think confusion with Y0 would be a problem. People talk and info is easy to come by, I’m sure any confusion would not last long. As for young players, they will figure it out just like we did

  2. Sheldon says:

    There’s gonna be 4 types of gold ore. Gold Ore, Nether Gold Ore, Gilded Blackstone, and Grimstone Gold Ore.

  3. Joshua B says:

    I actually enjoy how they split the ore generation, it’ll probably feel slightly more “realistic” to ore veins and make it quicker to get the specific ore you want.

    • Viedra Lavinova says:

      @Aaron That’s pretty much the whole point. It won’t be one level for everything and be done. Plus it does discourage strip mining as the optimum strategy, which you are still free to do.

    • Jason Kircher says:

      @Christopher Dunn Even that wouldn’t be enough. I think the only way minecarts will ever really be useful for mining is if they make individual ores take ages to mine and the veins they generate in much, much larger. Otherwise, you’ll never be spending enough time in one place for building a rail system to be worth it.

    • Suryadi Mulya Ismauz X MIA 2 says:

      @Thijs In my opinion, Diamond ore rarity isnt really OP. Because that is the most likely place for warden to spawn

    • Daridon248 says:

      @V3rzify ! No, having every ore at the bottom and just strip mine there basically ruins the concept of the update.
      Why these massive caves filled with mobs if you are just gonna stand at the bottom of it, mining in a straight line in the same way as previous versions?
      We didn’t ask for this, but we NEED this

    • Ron Ben-Ezer says:

      @Thijs eh, I don’t think that this will be a problem. At around -54 you have an area with the largest diamond generation accompanied by lapis and gold generation. No iron or coal, but iron farms are relatively easy to make and coal is just so common on ground that you’ll have a lot of it anyways

  4. arian saeidkondori says:

    Mojang is introducing Dark mode to minecraft.

  5. SquidWafflez says:

    The polished grimstone really looks like charred planks. Can’t wait to see what people make out of it!

  6. Bradhp11 says:

    Seeing diamonds spawn that frequently at the bottom of the world just tells me that it’s gonna be scary as hell down there

  7. Mawholdi says:

    It really feela like we broke through the bedrock layer. And underneath is a whole new world (hence the stone repleacement in the exact same block where the old bedrock layer used to be)

  8. Sara Neumeyer says:

    I love how emerald generates commonly up high, it gives us an inventive to climb mountains. And now they will hopefully more seanic… I don’t know how to spell that

  9. TheGameCreator13 says:

    I think Stronghold to Cave ratio needs re-balancing more then just straight up removing cave piercing. It was way too chaotic originally but now its gonna be way too static

  10. Useless Videos says:

    Lighting caves is gonna be a pain in the arse

  11. Donovan Hu says:

    Blackstone: You’re weak

    Grimstone: I’m you

  12. Thomas Urech says:

    Fingers still crossed for ore-themed mineshafts.

  13. Ryder Mathers says:

    Did anyone else get a little scared when they realized how big the mountains are gonna be? Thank for the info X

    • Matt Hursh says:

      I’m just glad that I’m in process to building a better computer XD this might make the game a little more laggy

    • Dean Ender says:

      Rare chance for Mount Evercraft Spawn. Reaching to the new build limit XD. One Frack of an Expedition while trivere the snowier snow to avoid hyperthermia.

    • Arctic Dino says:

      @Mohammad M.E. If that doesn’t happen I’ll be disappointed

    • Ajax_XD says:

      Yeah scared if I’ll be able to carve one to make a castle

    • J Frank says:

      @Mohammad M.E. I really hope we get some biome specific ambient sounds for caves and mountains like we did for oceans and the Nether biomes, I’m really hoping we get more cave sounds, knowing how deep Mojang goes with details I have high hopes that we will

  14. Da Nintendude says:

    Grimstone is how they could possibly solve the Bedrock issue with older worlds.

    They could have all previous bedrock from their usual y-levels replaced with stone and grimstone, and then just have new generation underneath that layer.

    • Jonny says:

      @Snailtan You guys are missing something though. It’s a whole new generation system. Old chunks won’t go down that far no matter what, and if it did it would look super weird as you would get “chunk borders” except on the Y-axis around zero. It would look super weird. A sub-issue is that at the border of a new chunk and old chunk, you would see the void as the Y level of old and new bedrock wouldn’t match. The only way to stop players going underneath old chunks would be a bedrock wall, or a new non-mineable resource as a wall which would be deep within the walls of caves ideally so you don’t ever see exposed walls in your cave.

      Regenerating the bottom of old chunks is harder than it sounds. This is probably why you can’t yet use old saves in the snapshots. They are coming up with a solution to this predicament that allows an upgrade path for old saves.

    • epicfail says:

      Unlikely. Mojang doesn’t like to mess with existing chunks.

    • Jonny says:

      ​@Snailtan Also, what about servers? Especially old servers which can be in the terabytes? What about worlds with 10GB world on an old laptop with a slow HDD? A lot of people run minecraft on old machines. What if your computer shuts off during this process and corrupts chunks? What about the fact that the old generation of caves can not align with the new generation mathematically? There’s more questions there than answers.

      Edit: You see how long it can take to generate a new world and spawn you in. Now imagine re-generating that spawn area + all explored chunks. It could take 5 minutes or it could take days, and if something happens to MC during this process whatever chunks it was touching would be corrupted and regenerated, potentially wiping your base with it. Sure, you can create a backup first or better yet the game could do it automatically. But what if you were 95% complete? What if you had to do it over again? And by the time you’ve explored so much, you might as well just make a new world because you’re gonna have to adventure far out to see the new caves every time you need resources. If I was in the process of crafting or building something I would rather go to the good old previously generated caves and ravines around my area. I typically explorer in a circle, outwards from my base. In some of my worlds, I’d have to go up to 25k blocks out in some axis to see the new caves.

    • ccaagg says:

      @Jonny Again, if they are to have the new underground generated, they’d be generated when the chunks are ‘first’ (relative to installing the update) loaded. This would take no longer than how long it takes to load new chunks in an existing Minecraft world. Complete non-issue.

    • Snailtan says:

      @Jonny Sure it depends. I mean, saves are just data. I am not sure, but my educated guess is that the chunk files, save every block that would naturally be there. So when you load a chunk, it doesnt read everything from the save, it just generates a new chunk and then removes and places block that have changed and are saved in the chunk save file.

      You could technically write a function that translates old data to new data, if necessary. in my opinion not worth it, but this is just a theroretical what if scenatio.

      And servers are a whole other beast. If you had to translate thousands in chunk data, you would have to wait a very long time, especially on old hardware. It is possible, that I can guarantee, but nobody in their right mind would code something like this lol

      Though it would be kinda neat as an experiment, not something I would want to code tho lol.

  15. ༒Synranelt, Holy Archangel of Death༒ says:

    Imagine if mojang’s trolling us and there’s going to be random floating ore blocks in the sky now.

  16. Dacky says:

    Not even saying this to be awkward, when he was saying diorite I thought it was a new block, he said it like durr-ite.

  17. zakshei says:

    We’re all about to experience our first day of Minecraft again.

    • WolfDogg says:

      IKR! I’m so excited! I’ve always wanted to re-live my first day, I guess this update will be the closest to that as possible.

  18. Cxntrxl says:

    id just like to point out that the grimstone uses a similar if not the same texture as the blocks in the deep dark from the trailer. I wouldn’t be so quick to start strip mining for diamonds down there…

  19. Raj Inconvenient says:

    It feels like warden is probably gonna spawn in this biome

  20. CustomName says:

    This update is going to be amazing.

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