Minecraft 1.20 : Tuff Golem, Sniffer & Rascal!

Minecraft 1.20 : Tuff Golem, Sniffer & Rascal!

Minecraft 1.20 Update Playlist ► https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL7VmhWGNRxKixIX8tWEQn-BnYKE9AaAXk

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38 Responses

  1. xisumasays says:

    We posted a video about Dream’s face reveal! Check it out here 🙂https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fje3YczUNqM

    • MagicalBread says:

      @Max VF You obviously do because you felt compelled to comment.

    • Max VF says:

      who cares

    • MagicalBread says:

      @AnonymousNoname What is your definition of a “useful” mob?

      What kind of drops? The mob’s origin? Lore implications? Neat design? Practicality over flamboyance?

      What would be your criteria for a “useful” mob?

    • AnonymousNoname says:

      More USELESS mobs NOBODY ASKED FOR. The Minecraft dev team is officially the minecraft bloat team now (and if it isn’t technically bloat it is at least feature creep that will surely lead to it as it’s just more crap the game has to deal with).

      Someone needs to grow a spine and stand up to whoever is behind pushing this crap and start arguing against this stuff.

      Also, when it comes to new mobs why are they making their own weird nonsense things incongruous with everything else? Creepers i get cuz they were a happy accident, some of the other things fall in line with the likes of skellies and zombs and such but these new ones are straight from left field and have no place in the game.

      Glow squid are at least a variation of squid with a great item drop so they get a pass but phantoms, allays, wardens, and all this other new junk are unrelated to anything. Heck even iron golems were at least tangentially related to the fact that villagers are an amalgam of jewish stereotypes (golems are protectors from jewish mythology).

      All this new stuff? Useless. Even if it technically has a use it is unnecessary and should be implemented via other means. Mobs are laggy and unpredictable so anything you try to build with them will always end up being a hassle whether it’s corralling/transporting them, them despawning, getting killed, getting loose or dying via other means like lightning and such.

      It’s absolutely and objectively stupid to keep piling mobs into this game and they damn well should know better.

  2. CraftyMasterman says:

    I feel like compared to other votes this one is a lot more one sided. They went into waaaay more detail on how the sniffer works vs the golem and the rascal. And voting the sniffer is the safest option imo since they promised the most things out of the three

  3. ZadeML says:

    Great idea connecting the sniffers to fossils because it opens the idea of introducing other such mobs originating from structure of fossils you can find, more ancient mobs especially in deserts would link the temples together and I feel would be an amazing addition!!

  4. SecondEngineer says:

    Whoa! Mega sniffers is such an interesting idea. Imagine building a house on a mobile creature. Maybe it doesn’t straight up move around, but similar to giant turtles having islands on top of them, it could change location while you sleep, then take a nap while you’re awake

  5. MozzarellaFella says:

    I bet the sniffer’s ancient seeds grow into “new unique plants” based on the type of dirt or sand it is grown in

  6. Lapota Junior says:

    We need the sniffer he looks so sick and he’s actually useful and adds more to the game

  7. Aditya Bhadana says:

    I have to say linking Sniffer with underground fossils is genius.

  8. Fear Of The Chip Pan says:

    Sniffer seems like the best fit for the Archaeology path, which is what I’m hoping they go for this update. Especially with that fossil link that was brilliant. The Sniffer kind of reminds me of the Strider and the Great Hunger.

  9. Lusi Snt says:

    So far i prefer the sniffer. Excited about the new plants and i hope they really are a giant (twice the size of a panda?), so i can say we have a herbivore dinosaur in minecraft 😀

  10. Cruzer says:

    overall the sniffer seems the coolest with a whole ancient creature vibe and bringing new plants is very cool, plus it gives more incentive to actually look in those underwater cities for items

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