Minecraft, But All Mobs Are Giant…

Minecraft, But All Mobs Are Giant…

Minecraft, But All Mobs Are Giant… This was insane! Every mob that came at me and my friends was super huge!

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This is a Minecraft 1.16 Mod that makes all the mobs that spawn naturally giant! This game made the game much more crazy and more difficult to beat! Mobs had giant explosions, projectiles and more! This made the easy tasks like defeating a creeper hard to do. I really enjoy doing these types of challenges with my friends!

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33 Responses

  1. Lonely Sandwich says:

    Love the fact that George’s video was filmed before sapnaps but sapnap still posted his video before george lmao

  2. cbry says:

    this is 23 minutes of them all just screaming at eachother…

  3. Moonbouise :D says:

    George: “*gasps* THEEREESS DIAMONNDDDDSSS!!!”
    Sapnap: “where?” *-literally in front of him*

  4. PERS0NIFIED says:

    It’s funny how when Dream and George kill his dogs, he calls them monsters as if he hasn’t done it millions of times.

  5. Mona D. says:

    Sapnap: Can’t we just all get along?
    George: _accidentally closes the game_
    Sapnap: Peace was never an option

  6. 09 Leonardo González says:

    Sapnap: Are you guys ready?
    George: (Turned around and sees the giant sheep) – No

  7. Min Yoonji says:

    It’s so funny how when dream almost dies they’re both like “he’s fine” and when George almost dies dream does everything to save him

  8. Art Things says:

    That awkward moment at 5:18 when you can see what gogys eyes look like behind the goggles for a split second

  9. No No says:

    18:06 no one gonna talk about how dream starts singing “me and your girlfriend playing dress up in my house”

  10. f says:

    lmfao the entire video is just screaming, these videos are funny

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