Minecraft, But Every Mob Looks Like A Pig…

Minecraft, But Every Mob Looks Like A Pig…

Minecraft, But Every Mob Looks Like A Pig… This was super hilarious! We never knew what was coming at us!

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This is a Minecraft 1.16 mod that makes all mobs look like pigs. This made the game a lot more crazy because we never knew what mob we were dealing with. This was really funny and made even the most simple tasks like getting food dangerous. I really love doing these types of fun challenges with my friends!

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36 Responses

  1. Space Croissant Compilations says:

    it wouldve been even funnier if they were pigs too

  2. Aviara says:

    Alternative Title: Beating Minecraft, But Every Mob *Never Dies*

  3. No name says:

    George: i wear t-shirt every minute
    Sapnap: Piggy
    This is going weird i wonder Dream’s new video

  4. Kylie says:

    Dream: “We finish each others…”
    Sapnap: “Sentences!”
    Dream: “Why did you sing it? That’s kinda weird. You didn’t really finish my sentence. George didn’t do it like that when I did it with him.”
    Sapnap: “Oh”

    Poor Sapnap 🙁

  5. Se Google Nutzer says:

    Therapist: “Uploading Sapnap is not real,he can not hurt you.”

    Uploading Sapnap:

  6. Charlie Houghton says:

    George: I’m gonna die
    Sapnap: don’t
    *5 seconds later*
    Dream: I’m gonna die

  7. 1 ꜱᴜʙ ʙᴇꜰᴏʀᴇ 2069! says:

    They should’ve called the ritual “mining off camera”

  8. 1 ꜱᴜʙ ʙᴇꜰᴏʀᴇ 2069! says:

    Sapnap doesn’t upload daily but when he does, it is high quality content

  9. Patricia says:

    Dream: “SAPNAP”

    George: “GET OUTTA HERE”

    Sapnap: *sad sapnap noises*

  10. DreamSMP Hangout says:

    Dreams nightmare: Surrounded by Technoblades.

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