Minecraft But Everything is OP!

Minecraft But Everything is OP!

We’re gonna attempt to beat Minecraft but the entire world is overpowered! Nolan and Chandler try to help me out, but watch the video because I might need to get better Minecraft friends :/


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32 Responses

  1. Slimbo says:

    Karl’s laugh and giggles are everything.

  2. Dam says:

    Now this is an OverPowered Minecraft Video, I love when Karl uploads

  3. Joy Sudduth says:

    I just love how karl loves evryone! I wish more people can be like karl

  4. Swaker1616 says:

    Ghast: Begins carpet-bombing the whole nether

  5. defenestrate says:

    “if we win I’ll give you a hundred pounds of gummy worms!”

    British people
    *confused screaming*

  6. devil live says:

    Chanlar is funny , Karl is the iq,Nolan is the noob it’s a perfect game

  7. •Peppa the Potatø• says:

    Ngl I wish Karl posts everyday because his videos make me laugh-

    But I also understand that Karl is busy sooo 🙁

  8. yEEyEE says:

    why is everybody ignoring the fact karl played this whole game using a chest plate as a sword

  9. Tharun Ninan Alex says:

    Karl:”we finnaly reached the end, it was hard”

    Game: coal ore gives 20 diamonds

  10. Sayuj Urs says:

    Karl: scared, but still laughs like the Cookie Monster after eating sugar
    Nolan: scared, but still is motivated by gummy worms
    Chandler: scared, but doesn’t know what he is scared of

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