Minecraft but I battle the NOOB KING

Minecraft but I battle the NOOB KING

Minecraft but I battle the NOOB KING…..The CRAZY final part of the journey to free the world from noobs and dirt…..how will it all end?

Mysterious Worker Voiced By: @JoofyLooby

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Flight Hymn – Ross Bugden

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24 Responses

  1. 60FPS says:

    Theory: he was in a VR world so they could test if he had what it takes to do something. I don’t know what though.

  2. Evbo says:

    The absolutely insane finale……but what does the ending mean?

  3. minecraftrobloxgamer5000 says:

    he’s getting ready to sacrifice himself then goes back and kills the noob king and then jumps from the edge

    best ending i know

  4. Conze says:

    I’m so glad minecraft story content is becoming mainstream again.

  5. Simple0pen says:

    A ending i woulda wanted was “I guess I have to jump.. Oh wait I have a alt I can just end the curse and go onto my alt”

  6. Yash Bali says:

    This is something that would be hosted by a kid in 2010’s. A dream come true

  7. ʚ coco ɞ says:

    When I tell you I screamed when there was the “he’s in stable condition” I was like “NO NO THIS IS NOT SOME SIMULATION STUFF”

  8. The forgotten Noob says:

    This is turning into an actual movie, I want more Minecraft movies like this

  9. max level says:

    I love how evbo is like “this is the end!” But then realized he’s fighting noobs

  10. Monster Fang says:

    Theory: Evbo was being tested and has to go through all these stages so eventually he can prove he can be the leader of the pros and fight Jean? the enderdragon.

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