Minecraft, But I Can’t Leave This Chunk (#7)

Minecraft, But I Can’t Leave This Chunk (#7)

Today I played Minecraft but I cant leave this cunk! In this Minecraft Lets Play, the world GROWS every episode by an increasing amount. Today is episode 7, so the border will expand 7 blocks in every direction!

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▸Minecraft, But I Can NEVER Leave This Square (#6)

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49 Responses

  1. WadZee says:


  2. Colo Harrison says:

    Cool to see how wadzee is updating his editing style compared to the older videos

  3. pinkshoebox says:

    I can’t believe how lucky Wadzee is to get a world THAT perfect, with a fortress nether spawn and literally a deep dark right under his feet (and a slime chunk) who knows what else will pop up

  4. Diamond O' Gaming says:

    At this point, The deep dark is scary enough to be a horror game

  5. TeenSpider says:

    I love how the episode titles are completely inconsistent but then episode 7 now remains consistent with episode 1’s title.
    Edit: I just realized that the thumbnails also have the same build!

    • Transformers2Fan1 says:

      @sans the comic “apart” is separate
      And did you not see their edit? That happened before I made my comment

    • sans the comic says:

      @Transformers2Fan1 no you were trying to correct the original commenter by saying that all three were the same when in fact they aren’t title wise wich was apart of the main commenters point.

    • Transformers2Fan1 says:

      @Drenz 152 by that logic, simply expanding the border makes the build different
      Plopping down a crafting table doesn’t make it a “different” build

    • Drenz 152 says:

      @Transformers2Fan1 you do know the “small” (really it’s a big change to the house’s look) second story addition still makes it not exactly the same? its like adding a tenth to 1, it’s close to 1 and rounding it would get 1, but it still isn’t the same as 1

    • Transformers2Fan1 says:

      @Drenz 152 the second episode is the same layout – wheat farm, first story, what appears to be a pit – just with a small second story built atop the first story

  6. Cløne says:

    I love how the Minecraft just labels them as “chunks” it’s great

  7. ShadowBulb says:

    I got bored and decided to do the math, from episode 6 to episode 7 he gained 553 on the x and z axis outside. If you want to find exactly how many blocks Wadzee gained you would have 2 multiply by world height and the bottom (since you can go to negative) and multiply by 3 because of the 3 dimensions. So far only in the regular dimension and x and z axis he has 1849 blocks to work with!

    Edit: world height from top to bottom is 384

    • Alex Flynn says:

      U r smart

    • Blair says:

      What is this? It’s hxwxl not hxwx3… good multiplication but your formulas are wrong

    • Ben Hickey says:

      @memeticsx good math but in the video he literally says 70blocks 8:01

    • Memetics says:

      @ShadowBulb I think your math is off. He started with a chunk (16 x 16) and added 2 to all sides in episode 2 (so the diameter expands by 4), then 3 to all sides in episode 3 (diameter expands by 6 – so already 26 x 26), and so on. He should be at exactly 70 x 70 after the 7(x2) block expansion for episode 7.

      16 + (2×2) + (3×2) + (4×2) + (5×2) + (6×2) + (7×2) = 70 blocks exactly.

    • rimu says:

      @mechanic gaming “basic”

  8. ItsNuqie says:

    Yay! Another episode today! Some really good progress done so far and I’m really happy you finally got netherite! Keep going 🎉

  9. Drew _gon says:

    Next episode we spend 2 hours putting carpet down all the nether tunnels lol

    & happy new year’s right back at cha!!

  10. Kyan says:

    hey wadzee, did you know you can also find netherite on the roof of the nether? i’ve found a good amount up there! would be worth a shot trying to find some up there as a good challenge 🙂

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