Minecraft but I FIGHT in the PRO arena

Minecraft but I FIGHT in the PRO arena

Minecraft but I FIGHT in the PRO arena…..the insane second part to the story of the pros…..will I escape the arena? Or will this be the end?…..

Mysterious Noob Voiced By: @SeaWattgaming
Actors: Evbo, Tabi382

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Flight Hymn – Ross Bugden

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32 Responses

  1. Dam says:

    Bro I’ve been waiting forever for this. That noob evbo fought knows everything

  2. Ken Kaneki says:

    i have a theory that the noob that was deleted is either a glitch, a self aware AI, or part of the outside world we saw after evbo jumped in the void

  3. Koke says:

    This series is very interesting!

  4. ItsAKawaiiUser says:

    This dude should be a book writer…. It’s because he knows how to make a story just amazing like this!

  5. ZQubed says:

    Theory: This is all a dream caused by the person who said it’s time for phase 2 at the end of the noob series. They are trying to see if Evbo is worthy for something and this is his training for whatever real world problem he is needed for.

  6. Evbo says:

    Enjoy the crazy part 2 of the pro era…..but what happens next will be even crazier…

  7. Idiotic Idiot says:

    When you pick a stone sword, yet the axe does way more damage, disables shields and the trident does as much damage as a diamond sword, swinging or not.

  8. Tord haha says:

    “I don’t remember what just happened”

    Literally JUST explained what happened

  9. Pls help me hit 50k subs says:

    Theory, since they said “he is the beacon” in the noob world episodes, he might have powers like invincibility.

  10. ProBananaGameYes says:

    Theory: The people in the end of the noob series are training him because they need to defeat a hacker

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