Minecraft But, I Get Every Block I Look At!

Minecraft But, I Get Every Block I Look At!

Minecraft Manhunt, But Mobs Drop OP Random Items! ➡ https://youtu.be/jyfZQdOVn4Q
Minecraft But Every Time You Take Damage You Get A Random Item! ➡ https://youtu.be/N5xVl89Jtho

Inspired by @TapL Video ➡ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SwD0rcPky3s&t

Custom data pack ➡ https://awhikax.com/

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53 Responses

  1. Averil Tallack says:

    This is the most literal representation of winner pov

  2. Louorzo says:

    Paul: *Looks at something*
    Hippity Hoppity this is now my property

  3. Keaton Werner says:


  4. Rax Animations says:

    Nobody :
    The Enderdragon : Who is this guy, and why is he flexing on me

  5. bradley jewett says:

    Me :I can’t find diamonds
    Him : speed bridging with diamonds block

  6. Digital Art says:

    “I will get what I see”
    “Today we are gonna see if we can beet minecraft”
    Oh honey you don’t need to you just see and you will get it….. 😂😂😂😂
    Love you bro
    Love from india❤️

  7. rin chan says:

    ”just because i’m rich doesn’t mean i waste things,” he said, despite having thrown diamond ore into a lava pit earlier.

  8. Trxsted Ds says:

    Me: what about bedrock

  9. Chess with Ash says:

    “It’s his gaming chair.”

  10. Benjamin Nguyen says:

    Fun fact: the mobs are attacking him because they want some goodies

  11. Glamrock Chica says:

    He’s now like a Karen everything he looks at and wants he gets.

  12. C0NCLUZ10N says:

    “Let me get rid of some of these diamonds i have too many”
    something every body wishes they could say

  13. Giovanni Pope says:

    It’s starting to turn into a curse, it was a blessing at first

    -Not PaulGG 2021

  14. Brooklyn Williams says:

    Him: just because I’m rich doesn’t mean I have to waste things

    Also him: throws away 3 diamond chest plates

  15. Luca S says:

    Alternative title: Minecraft but I’m the British empire

  16. XxMasterLeifx X says:

    The Villagers: “Why is he looking at our hay bales?”

  17. Mr Pickle says:

    Me when he was building the portal:
    Why don’t you just look at the obsidian and place it.🤔
    After: finally realizes it😕

  18. Chiken suup says:

    “Everything the light touches is our”
    “Our knigdom?”
    “No, it’s ours, it belongs to us”

  19. Lori Camp says:

    day 4 of asking paul make a shirt that says “that’s spicy!”

  20. Sarvar says:

    This is kinda like the king that got the “curse” of turning everything he looks at to gold.

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