Minecraft, But If I Laugh, I DIE!

Minecraft, But If I Laugh, I DIE!

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46 Responses

  1. Mint And Moon says:

    Unspeakable: “Grab your popcorn”
    Me(thinking): “I already had some popcorn today…”

  2. Melissa Roland says:

    Unspeakable: “What should my punishment be?
    Me: “James and Gabe get to tell you what to do for a day.

  3. PRO GAMING GUY says:

    YESSS I finally got to watch unspeakable’s video early again!!!!!!

  4. iw2024@asasps.org iw2024@asasps.org says:

    Nathan I’ve been watching u for the last 2 years and I love you vids I’m even subscribed

  5. Annie Hollenbeck says:

    If u laugh 3 times, delete rolblox

  6. Zainab Nomani says:

    DAnce in front of Preston bri James and everyone you know and also on cam

  7. Julius Adam Ramirez 2 says:

    When u said MLG it was actually dream killing pig

  8. Abby Rayne says:

    When he said don’t grin I grinned

  9. XX HAMOD GAMER says:

    Punishment: gabe and James should tell you what to do for 24 hours

  10. elby curzon says:

    were a giant eyeball for the whole day

  11. Kelly Major says:

    I already lost the challenge so I’m just going to keep watching K.O

  12. Chelsea Borden says:

    You need to build a fort in the water and stay in it for 24 hours

  13. Rayven Marilla says:

    Me: saw what unspeakable posted days ago that he can’t post this week and died inside
    Also me: thank goodness! this salvation will be remembered…

  14. Orion Kaland says:

    the pushisment should be jumping off a plane with a glider (and survive because we need your content)

  15. Siverker says:

    “you cant shoot an enderman with an arrow”
    misses his shot

  16. Marian Tanasescu says:

    That minion one scared me to death🤣

  17. Leonardo Yohanes says:

    get the spiciest wing and eat it without water.

  18. Michelle Fraser says:

    Punishment: lick everything in your house including the toilet

  19. Xoe Atanga says:

    I thought he was really gonna die but then I said… sure(btw I’m seven)

  20. GamerDev_Gaming says:

    when you laugh go sky diving

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