Minecraft, but if I say “mine” things get weird

Minecraft, but if I say “mine” things get weird

If I say “end”- 10 endermen spawn. if I say “heart”- I lose all my hearts. If I say “lava”- lava spawns below me. I also have to answer every single text-to-speech chat message. can I beat Minecraft like this?

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Artwork/Emotes by Lycel, SSSucrose, AbbyBagel
Editted by: https://twitter.com/verytiredkat

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48 Responses

  1. PointCrow says:

    spawning subscribers

  2. Hello I'm Jordan says:

    The comedic timing at the end is nothing short of legendary.

  3. Flamingo Person says:

    pointcrow is the kind of guy to do something stupid giving it no thought and then actually think about it later

  4. Dalynx09 says:

    I love the message that pops Up after saying “food”, “Making you Hungry, Nom Nom Snack time”, it’s just an little added touch that makes It reach perfection

  5. LegendarySoil10 says:

    Pointcrow is taking a page out of dougdoug’s book, hopefully he’ll keep his sanity a bit longer, honestly I doubt it

  6. Yashiro says:

    I like how Eric is so smart he used the challenge system to his advantage

  7. Galactic Fire says:

    The ending is just the embodiment of *ladies and gentlemen, we got em*

  8. ZachAdams52 says:

    I’ve never seen a more deserved ending in my life

  9. Gavin Best says:

    TTS was the real final boss of this run

    Also imagine if when he used the “hole” command to find the stronghold it deleted the portal

  10. SKITTISHEAR 9518 says:

    These types of videos with stuff that spawn in are chaotic yet hilarious

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