Minecraft, But It Gets More Realistic Every Minute

Minecraft, But It Gets More Realistic Every Minute

Minecraft, But It Gets More Realistic Every Minute
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31 Responses

  1. EvanPlayz8 says:

    Imagine If U Got Hit in Minecraft U Would Get Hurt Irl Now That would be The Most extreme Realistic Mod

  2. Ryn11 Gaming says:

    Zack : “I will have to beat all challenges in 69 Minutes”!
    **Proceeds to add 70 Minute Timer**

  3. KingOfSilliness says:

    props to him because he was staring at a villager for 16 hours for the thumbnail lol

  4. FreddyPlays123 says:

    1:54 ” it’s just gonna Insta kill me if I die ” LoverFella 2021

  5. Owen Frost says:

    next time can u make one of these except the graphics get better and better!

  6. Resevl 260 says:

    “Listen to the freaking tree frogs!”
    Me: They’re trying to get laid!
    “They’re out here freaking breeding!”
    Me: YES

  7. Catshire says:

    Loverfella: this is so realistic
    Literally gets impaled in the head by an arrow: gets nausea and blindness for 5 seconds

  8. CallMeArthas says:

    Loverfella: [makes Minecraft more realistic] [gets shot in the leg] me: “I used to be an adventurer like you, but then I took an arrow to the knee.”

  9. You says:

    lets appreciatte how the video is exactly 15 minutes long

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