Minecraft, But It’s 1 XP Block…

Minecraft, But It’s 1 XP Block…

Minecraft, But It’s 1 XP Block…

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27 Responses

  1. ShadowApples says:

    I hope everybody had a good start to the year!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Videos are back now i swear.
    Also buy merch. http://shadowapples.store

  2. 839B says:

    he’s back and even better than before

    • Projit says:

      ShadowApples is trash I make way better content!

    • niamhamber hewitt says:

      @Projit wtf ? No shadowapples is amazing ? And he actually spends his own time creating content for us instead of doing stuff that he would want to do ( yes he does like doing videos for us)

    • niamhamber hewitt says:

      @Projit I’m so sorry but why are people saying you want to be hated ?

    • Riku Leinonen says:

      @niamhamber hewitt It’s essentially an attention bot that automatically grabs the channel name and posts these in the replies. It’s meant to cause people to respond to the literal bot and get annoyed. That’s the whole idea. And you bought right into it.

    • frost wastaken says:

      @Projit nope trash

  3. Heather Spry says:

    Love these videos keep it up

  4. CJ Dunn says:

    YES he’s BACK it’s been too long

  5. Kae says:

    The enderman probably look like pickles

  6. Ahmed mohideen says:

    15:28 he literally went pass the looting sword

  7. Emilio10 says:

    “it’s even got a faster attack speed than the sword” that’s not how it works

  8. 1k challenge with 0 video says:


  9. ✨Avery✨ says:

    How to Crash Your Computer 101.

    Edit: I thought it was gonna just be a ton of experience orbs clumped into the shape of a block, not an actual “experience block”.

  10. iamaidiot1095 says:

    Btw when you pvp in regular mc then please wait for the bar to finish if you dont its the same as regular punching unless its a custom item that has a ton of attack speed

  11. X235 says:

    HOW TO Download this mod

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