Minecraft, But The World Is Corrupted!

Minecraft, But The World Is Corrupted!

I Tired Beating Minecraft With A Corrupted Minecraft Version!

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36 Responses

  1. ❆Đông❆ says:

    *The corrupted world looks like something i would see when i’m dreaming.*

  2. ShortHax says:

    Bedrock players: “First time?”

  3. Lines says:

    I wonder what goes through chandlers mind sometimes.

    “Doesn’t brush his teeth”

  4. ImanarianaFan says:

    Karl’s outfit is on point, as usual, but still

  5. CHEMIL says:

    Let’s take a moment and appreciate all the hard work that Karl does to make this videos possible

  6. Khaby lame Reacting says:

    “We are being attacked by birds”

    Chandler, 2021

  7. Maria V says:

    Let’s take a moment to appreciate how Karl said “brush OUR teeth with ketchup” even tho he has a fear of ketchup

  8. Gamma Ikazune says:

    Chandler: “Screw Nolan, he’s a lost cause”
    A few minutes later…
    Chandler: Dies

  9. MrMoey says:

    Chandler: give me diamonds
    Game: sorry but were out of stock but you can have a charged creeper?

  10. Pig says:

    Who else actually wants to play this world hahahaa

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