Minecraft, But The World is Upside Down!

Minecraft, But The World is Upside Down!

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In today’s video we’re going to try to beat Minecraft but the world is upside down.

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29 Responses

  1. ShortHax says:

    It’s good to see Karl and the boys get a feeling of how it feels to play Minecraft in Australia

    • Rh!annaYT says:

      @Mia sure it’s spelt sure

    • via is tired c: says:

      @KY5 [10th Main Account] it’s kinda sad how it seems u have so much time just to comment “Karl sucks” when you know for a fact that you won’t get nearly as close as successful as Karl is. Please stop wasting your time and if you don’t have anything nice to say just don’t say it at all. It’d make for a nicer community and the world just to be happier and healthier in general. Go outside or something instead of hating on someone who’s a genuinely kind person

    • Alyssa Comstock says:

      What ??

    • Bob Joebo says:

      Flat earthers in a nutshell

    • Kyoto says:

      Omg lol

  2. Dana Johnson says:

    Nolan trying to gather wood*
    Sapnap hits him*
    Nolan : laughs in madness*

  3. OwO says:

    When the term ‘my life got flip-turned upside down’ is taken literally.

  4. {Izzy} says:

    Sapnap: be very careful guys, if we die, that’s it, we’re out
    *not even 3 seconds later*

  5. Shorts Channel says:

    I am actually seeing Karl more than my friends in these days

  6. Gamma Ikazune says:

    Sapnap: “Nolan, you can’t have the tools, you are going to die too fast.”

    Nolan: Proceeds to be the last man standing.

  7. Fancy Frog says:

    I love how Nolan has no idea what he’s doing but is the last man standing 🧍‍♂️

  8. Absorber says:

    bro my head hurts seeing minecraft upside down 😂

  9. Pig says:

    Anyone else think it looks so weird to see minecraft upside down?

  10. Lonely Sandwich says:

    Sapnap: be careful guys, if we die we’re dead we’re out
    Karl: immediately dies

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