Minecraft, But The World Slowly GROWS (#2)

Minecraft, But The World Slowly GROWS (#2)

Today I played Minecraft in only One Chunk, BUT the World Slowly Grows. In this Minecraft Lets Play, The world GROWS every episode by an increasing amount. Today is episode 2, so the border expanded by 2 blocks in every direction!

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▸100 IRON GOLEMS vs WARDEN (in Minecraft Hardcore)

Any music used by Kevin Macleod is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 licence. https://creativecommons.org/licenses/….

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33 Responses

  1. WadZee says:

    I AM NOT RUNNING ANY GIVE AWAYS! BEWARE there are scammers in the comments impersonating me… THEY ARE NOT ME! REPORT THE ACCOUNTS AND DO NOT RESPOND!

  2. Nuts says:

    I have found myself far more invested in this series than i expected! Super excited for the next one!

  3. marieleelee says:

    This is honestly refreshing. I’m really tired of huge build series. This takes it back to basics while still having an element that’s challenging (the border). Loving it.

  4. Sime says:

    here’s a tip for the next episode in case you don’t know yet:
    once you have one source of water you can get infinite water by placing it on the ground, filling your bottles (because water on the ground fills bottles infinitely) and then put those bottles back in a cauldron. then just grab the water in the cauldron with a bucket and you have two water sources you can turn into an infinite one 😀
    (hope that made sense lol)

  5. Maanas Sehgal says:

    @Wadzee, when you get the 1st water source, use a bucket and place it on ground, from there you can take infinite water bottles and make a 2nd source of water in the cauldron, hope this is useful🙃

  6. Zero Maximum says:

    We gonna love the part where Wadzee said “It’s Expandin Time” and expanded his borders across Minecraft. Truly a thing to witness in this era.

  7. Maia 💜 says:

    Loving this series! Lots of inspiration here! Thanks wadzee for all your hard work! Now back to watching this beauty ❤

  8. New Game says:

    Let’s just appreciate how he never disappoints us 👍👍

  9. Hunter Wulfstern says:

    Absolutely love the twist this new series adds, as it really makes you have to adapt to the surroundings and think creatively to overcome problems.

    Whilst it is awhile off, it maybe worth trying to save some of the zombie villagers as it could help in the long run to provide trades that would
    otherwise be locked; otherwise surviving without villager trades could make things more interesting too.

  10. Tesla_Petrol says:

    You only need one cauldron to fill, then you can pick it up with water, place the water, and use bottles to pick up water and fill up the cauldrons without affecting the bucket of water. (and you can get the bottles from witches)

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