Minecraft but You Can’t Touch Stone…

Minecraft but You Can’t Touch Stone…

Minecraft but You Can’t Touch Stone… with PrestonPlayz 👊

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Crainer – BETRAYING My FRIENDS In Pico Park!

Kwebbelkop – GTA 5 But Everything Is RANDOM!

DanTDM – this made me SO MAD! | Minecraft Hardcore


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26 Responses

  1. Kendo Nintendo says:

    Preston: “We have enough of the diamond blocks to make the diamond”

    Me: “Someone call the magical editor”

  2. You're Χρήστου says:

    This video was Insane because you need the stone to make sword,pickaxe,axe

  3. Haya Parikh says:

    I littrally love these kinds of vids pls make more 🙂

  4. Dam says:

    These videos are so epic! Keep it up Preston 😀

  5. CianAThomps says:

    I like how in the thumbnail he touched andesite and not stone

  6. Dog says:


    Why is that wholesomely cute?

  7. Heather Jones says:

    Him: playing Minecraft
    Game: don’t touch the colour grey
    Me: what about your headphones and is your
    Mouse grey

  8. Rey Lopez says:

    He’s like thanos getting every infinite stone from his friends

  9. Desiree Viernes says:

    This Been Made 10 Hours Ago And Alredy Had 1M Viewers Ur A Legend Preston😎

  10. 🐲TBNRDragon🔥 says:

    Preston: *Crafts diamond block* “It’s the most beautiful thing i’ve ever seen in my entire life.”
    Me: But…… what about Bri?

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