Minecraft, But Your XP = Realism…

Minecraft, But Your XP = Realism…

Minecraft, But Your XP = Realism…
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26 Responses

  1. K says:

    Man he always thinks up something else. I love it.

  2. Dylan says:

    These videos get crazier and crazier every time… Another great video!

  3. -AV- says:

    “There’s fish underwater”
    -Nestor 2022
    “The shovel is on the floor”
    -Nestor 2022

  4. RileyFuntime says:

    “The fish are underwater.” Oh yes. The wall is made out of wall!

  5. Snakeboi 1207 says:

    I like how Nestor doesn’t notice there’s WAY more new thing in Minecraft with the shader mod thing

  6. Que says:

    One thing that make him different than all the rest is his uniqueness.

  7. Koko says:

    Never fails with the videos xNestorio posts

  8. JumanjelPlaysMinecraft says:

    “There’s fish underwater”
    -Nestor 2022
    Very inspiring quote 🤣

  9. Caden Smith says:

    “It’s actually a little bit dark in here, let me makes some torches.”

    Proceeds to make torches even though you have night vision II for an infinite amount of time

  10. iStealth says:

    It’s actually crazy how minecraft can go from pixels to something so pretty

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