Minecraft Celebrates the Community! (Yes, that means you!)

Minecraft Celebrates the Community! (Yes, that means you!)

The Minecraft community have generated so much content on YouTube, that when the trillionth click was clacked this video appeared. Welcome to a world that the community inspired, with their seemingly endless creativity and love for a little game about blocks. A trillion views means A LOT of content, so we couldn’t fit it all in there but can you spot all the references in our #Minecraftmuseum? Be warned, you might have to watch it a trillion times to catch them all.

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42 Responses

  1. Alan Becker says:

    What a great game. So many content opportunities

  2. TheMythicalSausage says:

    Best Game Ever Made!!!! Thanks, Mojang!!! I’m so lucky to be a part of this awesome community!!!

  3. GTA4HaterHD says:

    Can we have a Minecraft Story Mode in this style, please?

  4. towtle says:


    “Is that a mod too?”
    “No, that’s a hack.”
    “Is that even allowed?”
    “Technically no, but who’s going to stop them?”

    *definitely not watchdog*

  5. Sysel says:

    Insane. 12 years, 1 trillion views, so much nostalgia, so much fun and so many lives changed..

  6. MattShea says:

    Back in 2010 I watched my first let’s play by SeaNanners. Oh how time flies.

  7. The Dang Doge says:

    phil watching this is probably reliving a nightmare as he spots himself running from a baby zombie followed by a spider and creeper.

  8. sketchersart says:

    I kinda laughed when I seen Phil being chased by mobs…and techno just zooming around… destroying other people

  9. Shqdowshqrd says:

    “No, that’s a hack.”
    Bedrock players: “OH IS IT?”

  10. Just a Dogo Being Dogo says:

    The “farlands” in the background at the end made me tear up, it was such an accomplishment to find it in survival!

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